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Devon Teague

Devon Teague, Author of Life's Little Wonders
Devon Teague, aka Kent Weyrauch, lives in the country with nothing but time, his wife, and their dogs.


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Life's Little Wonders by Devon Teague
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Life's Little Wonders by Devon Teague
A book of poetry and prose to fit everyday life. Caution: it may enhance your mood. Something for everyone. Will paint pictures in your mind and leave you breathless.

Word Count: 33650
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Price: $3.99


Life's Little Wonders


Where do they take us to?
Not knowing where to go, what to do
Desire to find our way
Where passion fills every waking moment of the day
Loneliness fills our soul
From the day the ending broke us in two from whole
Desire for that wholeness driving us on
For the beginning’s passion that makes us one

The Storm

The wind gusts high as the waves crash home
Chasing the birds from the sky
Echoes of thunder and lightning flash
Foreboding warning of the storm to pass
Creatures and critters scurry and hide
As rain begins to fall from the sky
The rain pounds down and washes away
All trace of man or beast to pass this way

Love Dawns

The day dawns as life
As the sun warms the earth
Flowers grow steady and tall
Flowing like waves in the wind
The flowers bloom as hope
Giving forth an inspiring scent
The bird’s song is love
Sung from all around
The wind stops and the earth stands still
By the power of this song


The wind moans across the sand as waves lap the shore
Gulls whirl high above, crying their lonely song to the wind
The wind hears their cry and carries the ache to the clouds
Which swell and weep for their pain
Their tears as rain, heavy the heart of the grass
As it bows in silent prayer for the gulls


Her breath soft as a warm summer breeze on his cheek fills his soul to overflowing
As he lies back on her breast humming a song lost to all but those in love
He wonders if this will last or pass between them as many loves do
He longs for her sweet scent and her gentle touch never wanting it to end
However long he’ll let the song play on and forever they are one

The Rock

The rock knows not but to be and to stand forever not knowing
The rain knows not but to fall to earth to wash the rock away
The wind knows not but to blow the rock dry to dust
Yet the rock stands forever, not knowing

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