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M. Shalimar

M. Shalimarm Author of Shirrha Series M. Shalimar fell in love with, and became addicted to, erotica as a young adult when she chanced upon her father's cache of Victorian underground classics. Curiosity overcame propriety, and it wasn't long before she had read every one of the secreted books in her father's collection. Of course, she never let him know she had discovered his secret, but after that, she went on to collect her own stash of erotica. Her personal favorites are A Man With a Maid (Anon) and the Beauty trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure, a.k.a. Anne Rice.

Today, M. lives with her very own Prince Charming on a large tract of land in the Central Texas Hill Country, where they have created and maintain a small wildlife refuge. M. also loves gardening, art, reading sci-fi and collecting fairy and angel bric-a-brac. The Shirr-ha's Empire series is Shalimar's first published erotica, though she has written many other stories for her love and her to enjoy together in private moments.

New Title(s) from M. Shalimar

Shirr-ha: Taken Shirr-ha: First Lessons

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Cover Artist for the Shirr-ha books: Dawné Dominique

Shirr-ha: Taken Shirr-ha’s life is about to make an abrupt shift from the comforts of her space home and human family to a strange new alien world of sensual excess and every kind of decadence. Forced to watch as her brothers and parents are mercilessly butchered, she is kidnapped by fierce alien warriors of the Kilmayar and other tribes and brought to the palace of a powerful hybrid alien warlord, where she learns about forbidden pleasures she has never even dreamed of before.

Word Count: 3828
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Price: $ .99 

Shirr-ha: First Lessons Kidnapped from her home in the dead of night by savages of the Kilmayar, Shirr-ha is taken and delivered as the prize of the powerful hybrid warrior-king Maltar. But that isn't the end of it, for in the morning, she is escorted into a realm of fantasy and seduction by two of Maltar's concubines to begin her sensual training. Shirr-ha must do whatever Kayiera and Reyella tell her, a prospect she finds both titillating and frightening... until she sees the young slave Daeson and becomes the dessert at the feast table Kayiera has had prepared. With her senses reeling, Shirr-ha abandons all propriety and modesty as she succumbs to Daeson's touch in full view of Kayiera and Reyella, but what will be the outcome of her wanton actions?

Word Count: 6182
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Price: $ .99


Shirr-ha: Taken

Again, the soundless scream, and Shirr ha awoke to a darkness so thick it felt as if her head was covered by a heavy blanket. She drew a quick breath and choked on the musty stench in the air. She tried to block the visions of the dream from her mind... it had been no dream, she realized, but a harsh, hideous reality. Those horrible creatures had indeed killed everyone in her family, and they evidently had the same plans for her. She had steeled herself for what was to follow, but they instead threw her on the horse in front of one of the riders, mounted their own beasts and rode hard into the night.

It sickened her even now to think of the rider's unwanted caresses of her body. For hours, she'd been pressed against his hard, armored chest as they rode in darkness so deep and complete she couldn't imagine how they could tell where they were going. The rider was of the race of the Kilmayar, she thought, although she'd not seen his face. They were said to be more reptilian than humanoid, having a hard, protective shell covering, much like the terrapins she recalled having seen on her home planet.

The Kilmayar walked upright and were reputed to be superior in intellect to most of the other species. At first, she shrank from the touch of the cold, scaly hands that kneaded her breasts, making her nipples stand painfully erect in the frigid night air. She was barely eighteen and a virgin with no desire to be the conquest of any of these murderous alien monsters. However, her defiance soon gave way to fatigue, and she leaned against the cold being that held her in his grip.
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Shirr-ha: First Lessons

"So that's the new one," a small, high pitched voice twittered.

"Yes, they brought her in during the night," came a velvety smooth reply. "The master took her before they even had the chance to clean her up. Seems she is some kind of prized treasure!"

"She doesn't look all that special to me. Why did he want her?"

"Don't know, except that she's Human, and he's never had a full blooded Human before."

"What's so special about Humans?" the high pitched voice whined.

"Beats me, except... well, look at her skin. See how shiny and soft it looks? And her cute little twat, all rimmed with that red fuzz that matches the hair on her head. Maybe it tickles his fancy! Maltar is half Human himself, you know. I haven't ever seen anyone with hair that color before, have you?"

"Oh honestly, Kayiera! Are you going to flip out over her, too?"

"Of course not, Rey! But, well she is kind of cute, and we do have to help her get accustomed to all the different ways to please the master," Kayiera said. "I was just trying to get in the mood. No sense resenting her when we could have some real pleasure with her, is there?"

"I don't intend to touch her!" Reyella puled.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you were jealous of her," Kayiera taunted.

"Me? Jealous of that—that—that skinny little piece of fluff? How dare you even suggest it!"

Kayiera laughed. "Yeah, you! And she's not skinny. I've seen some fine Human womanflesh before, and she is just about as perfect as Humans come."

Reyella hissed.

"Does that mean you refuse to obey your orders? You and I are supposed to orient her to the ways of the master and his expectations of her. Would you rather entertain the ruffians who brought her in?"

Reyella was silent.


"No," she said with a small sigh. "I don't want to have anything to do with those savages."

"Ah, there's a good girl. You haven't ever helped with the training before. It's really more of a reward for us than a punishment. We can make the newcomers do whatever we say while we're training them. It's almost like being the boss," Kayiera purred, the huskiness in her voice betraying her anticipation of the task at hand.

Reyella studied her companion a long moment before asking, "Is that why you always volunteer for the job?"

"Why, yes. What did you think?"

"I don't know. Maybe that you didn't like to be with Maltar, since you seem to love orienting the new females so much..."

"Mmmm..." Kayiera purred. "What kind of metabolism do you think I have that I can resist the master's charms? I just like training the women to serve him. I wouldn't give up my time with him, though." 

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