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Reviews of GSP Authors BY GSP Authors, Readers and Friends


The Sidhe and the Dragon: Lost Jewel by SilverValkyre

Mahshon, the immortal prince of the elves, must protect the land from all things, including dragons. His duty brings him to faraway glens and lodges, ancient passes, and magical forests. Along the way he meets beautiful young women but only one lovely lady has captured his true heart. And that special woman is nowhere to be found. As he answers a tricky dragon riddle, he finally understands what she meant to him. But does his realization come too late?

SilverValkyre weaves an enchanting tale that flows like lyrics to a love ballad. Her prose is graceful and ornately decorated with rich description. Each word is a jewel to marvel at and savor. The story whisked me away to another land. I could almost feel the wind on my face and catch a glimpse of the ravishing elfish prince as he turned my way. The Sidhe and the Dragon is an indulgence in magic and passion, a real treat to read.

Aubrie Dionne, Author of the Seasons of Fantasy Series


Sselan: A Gift From the Sea by SilverValkyre

This is a tender, yet tragic, love story. You feel the emotions of the woman as she meets and falls in love with this beautiful, mysterious man. He captivates her from the beginning. She soon finds herself loving him desperately, but insecure and afraid of losing him.

Her lover has a secret. He is a magical selkie and although he loves her, he is bound to the sea. It is the Sea's nurturing that keeps him healthy and whole. He cannot stay away from it indefinitely. To do so would kill him. So for some time, she accepts what he can give of himself to her, yet her acceptance is stymied by her jealousy and selfishness.

This story was addictive in that I could not put it down. Yet it was so sad, I found myself crying at the end. Even though I knew what would happen, I kept praying it wouldn't. A very well-written tragedy that draws you in and makes you ache for the lovers. I found myself furious with the woman. I hated her selfishness, but at the same time I felt for the loneliness she endured.

I look forward to reading about the Selkie's son, Sselan. I know there has to be a fantastic story in the works for him

Shiloh Darke, Author of The Order of Eternals Series


  A Dozen Dreadfuls by Charlotte Holley

Charlotte Holley’s short story, A Dozen Dreadfuls, starts quietly enough with a tramp seeking whatever he can find in the city streets. But then he stumbles on a drug-dealers’ quarrel and wonders what to do. Ill-tempered discussion turns suddenly violent in most unexpected ways. Soon newspapers fill with reports of the dead and authorities urge their citizens to stay indoors after dark. Meanwhile critically acclaimed artist, Sam Forbes, reads the news and wonders if the impossible might be true.

Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to invite someone over at night with these monsters on the loose, but Sam ends up walking the scary streets in safety, while author Charlotte Holley creates a haunting atmosphere of guilt and fear behind the carnage.

The story’s short, a fine lunch-time read if your eating doesn’t mind some splashes of gore with that tomato sauce. And lessons are wisely learned in a pleasingly hopeful, and intriguing, ending. I really enjoyed my coffee and sandwiches, with a side-order of scary Halloween fiction. After all, it is October.
Sheila Deeth, Author of Refracted
The Eyes Have It by Denise Bartlett

Set in modern-day Texas, this macabre tale has a gothic feel to it. It’s a short story, so it’s a quick read, but don’t think it will end when you put down that last page. Bobby Knowles, jaded local sheriff and Elizabeth Casey, his first love who he worshipped from afar, will tug at the dark recesses of your mind long after you finish this tale.

Ms. Bartlett has a deft way with words, painting evocative descriptions of her characters that leave the reader wanting to know more. There’s lots of death in this piece; and death that turns out to be not-so after all. I, for one, am hoping that Ms. Bartlett turns this into a longer story so that some of those questions knocking about in my mind can find answers.
Ann Gimpel, Author of Psyche's Prophecy
The Eyes Have It by Denise Bartlett

It’s lunchtime on a wet autumn day. I’ve made myself a warm drink. I sit down at the computer. And what could be better than a nice short read to drive the sound of rainfall on leaves away?

The Eyes Have It, by Denise Bartlett, fulfills the promise of its attractive cover. Swirly green letters hover over frowning, hypnotic emerald eyes. Inside, Sheriff Bobby Knowles is musing on the differences between law enforcement and peace-keeping, past and present, and love and loss. The writing draws the reader into his thoughts and memories, just as the sheriff’s moving hands draw images of long-gone beaches into waves across his glass.

But the waves in this tale have been cruel. Instead of a beach there’s a rocky cliff. Instead of loving families there’s sorrow and regret… and now this…

It’s a short, disturbing, intriguing tale with a green-eyed sting in the tale, and it’s beautifully told. The Eyes kept this reader thoroughly absorbed while her coffee went cold. But now, lunchtime’s over. It’s time to go back to housework after writing a quick book review and thanking author and publisher for an enjoyable lunch-time e-read.
Sheila Deeth, Author of Refracted
The Eyes Have It by Denise Bartlett

The Eyes Have It by Denise Bartlett is a wonderful little mystery, packing quite a punch for such a short story. It is well-written and engaging, with great characters and an ending that is strangely satisfying. I particularly like Liza, who is a mystery in herself. This is a good creepy story for escaping with if you like a good murder case!
Lisa Farrell, Author of The Cursed
The Eyes Have It by Denise Bartlett

A police officer’s life is never without sacrifice as Sheriff Bobby Knowles fully understands. Nor are the lives of those he serves.

Called to the house of a former high school crush, Elizabeth Casey, Bobby finds her missing and presumed dead. Her young daughter, Liza is left in the care of her cruel father. Three years later, the death of her step-mother and her children calls Bobby to the home once more. Now a grown woman, Liza finds her father and his third wife brutally murdered in her childhood home.

Author Denise Bartlett paints a chilling picture of how far a woman will go to find salvation. This electrifying short will have you guessing to the very end.
Lee-Ann Graff Vinson, Author of Love's Trust
Lady of the Veils by M. L. John
Lady of the Veils by M. L. John is a captivating novel that grabs the imagination from the first page. Woven fluidly between modern day and fantasy, the line between reality and imagination easily slips away leaving the reader wrapped inside a world that could easily exist. The daughter of a Princess Dragonslayer turned corporate wife and mother takes upon herself the task of ensuring her true love's safety in a world where nothing is safe and little is as it originally appears.

Fierce sword play, steamy love scenes oozing with the passion of love that consumes the very soul, enchanted forests, and modern day humor make this novel easily not only a must read, but a story that will stand the test of literary time. In this humble reader's opinion it is easily a five-star read, and I highly recommend it. Pick up a copy, and be sure to clear some time. Once you turn the first page you will be remiss to put it back down until the last page has been turned.
—R. M. McClaren, a.k.a. R. M. Brandon, author of Witan Vid (coming soon)
Spam Vs. the Vampire by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (a.k.a. K. B. Dundee)

This story has vampires. Good old-fashioned vampires, the evil kind that suck your blood. If arch villian Marcel invites you for dinner, expect to be main course.

There is a damsel in distress. Darcy, the cat loving website designer who has a thing for vampires, is delighted to meet Marcel and design a vampire dating website for him. Until he kidnaps her, locks her in a coffin and ransacks her house.

And of course, there's a handsome hero. He's gorgeous, clever and weighs in at eight pounds. Eight pounds? Yes. He's a cat. Even the bravest hero is going to have a hard time rescuing the lady when he doesn't have opposible thumbs.

Luckily, Spam has brains, and lots of friends. Between the retired police dog, the raccoon with a talent for burglary, the deer and the otters, tracking down Darcy shouldn't be too difficult. But that's before more vampires arrive, and Spam gets injured...

Spam Vs. the Vampire is a fabulous read, with a host of great characters, even if most of them are not human. Just be warned, you will never look at your house cat in the same way again.
—Eileen Gormley, Reader and Author of Don't Feed the Fairies
Spam Vs. the Vampire by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (a.k.a. K. B. Dundee) 
This was a fun romp for anyone who is owned by a cat (or cats). Spam is a wonderfully resourceful feline who goes to great lengths to find and rescue his human mama and his family. This book is also a cautionary tale about internet dating. People are not always as they present themselves online, but sometimes they ARE, which can be even more dangerous when you think they were only role-playing. Marcell has got to be the most pathetic vampire I have ever read. It makes me wonder why he was turned, unless to provied his masters with entertainment. He does try, but....

Maddog intrigues me. I hope he makes appearances in future Spam books.

After reading this, I have a new perspective on the occasional deer that wanders through my yard, as well as our nightly raccoon visits. It also helped that one of my FB and convention friends, Eddie Coulter, posted pics of his recent trip to that part of Washington, including Port Townsend, the town Port Deception is based on. It gave a great visual reference.

I would reccommend Spam Versus the Vampire to readers of all ages. And thank you, Elizabeth for answering why otters like to poo on boats in the marinas.
Tamara A. Lowery, Author of Blood Curse
Fenella and the Magic Mirror by Mark Henderson

In ‘Fenella and the Magic Mirror,’ Henderson captures the tone and precision of language one would expect from traditional folklore, yet at the same time he infuses it with a contemporary, ironic humor. The Princess Fenella is a modern woman—and a bit of tom-boy as well ... living (literally) in a faerie tale world; she finds herself not merely “locked in a castle tower,” but “kept in durance vile”... but, no helpless maiden awaiting rescue, it is she who must escape to confront the dragon threatening the kingdom (and contemplating some rather cleverly disgusting recipes to use for his captives)—and it is up to her to save the knight!


While honoring the conventions of faerie tales, though in tongue-in-cheek fashion, this delightful fantasy is a fun read—but with (perhaps) a refreshingly, all-too-realistic ending...
—Mishka Zakharin, Reader and Author of The Spleen of Fiery Dragons, among others
Blood Curse by Tamara Lowery

Viktor Brandewyne is not some ordinary pirate who simply goes after a treasure and beautiful women; he is also hard, but not evil, and known for his strength rather than the use of force. But this is about to change when Viktor is transformed into a vampire, at the same time forcing him to become a fighter who wants to defeat all odds and break free. In the course of his experience being a pirate and a vampire, everything he says and does led me to follow him through my thoughts and emotions on this incredible journey of new discoveries and unique struggles. And he has quite a few.

He races against his heart when he's around a beautiful siren named Belladonna. He also battles his vampire's hunger for blood when close to his friends and crew. The reason? Viktor didn't die and become a vampire, but was cursed to die slowly while leaving many bloodless bodies behind. He is very much aware that his human thoughts and feelings are imprisoned and tortured by this forcibly instilled vampire's desire. Therefore, Viktor decides to compete against time and find the Sisters of Power who will help him regain his old life.

Author Tamara Lowery beautifully describes Viktor as a man who suddenly loses control over his life. In Blood Curse, which Lowery creatively prepared for her readers, Brandewyne lives by erasing other people from the picture of life; at the same time, he disappears from the living world while trying to preserve his own life. Viktor's hunger for blood grows as his time runs short.

"A pirate's life has no guarantees save for a chance at an early death," (page 87). One thing is certain: he never gives up. Viktor experiences jealousy, lust, disappointment, fear and pain, and all those who are on his ship Incubus are exposed to similar sensations. What is uncertain for them all is who will reach shore alive.
Snjezana Marinkovic, Author of Born in Sarajevo
Blood Curse by Tamara Lowery 

Book One of the Waves of Darkness Series

Viktor Brandewyne committed his first act of piracy at the innocent age of eleven. However, there is nothing innocent about Vik Brandee. He cares about no one but himself, save Old Mother Celie, the witch who raised him.

Viktor overtakes any sea he sails with his loyal crew. He is a man to be feared, a man to be hated. His reputation as a blood thirsty pirate preceeds him, as does his appetite for the wenches. When his lusting and killing has gone too far, Vik becomes the prey when Mamaan Juma seeks her revenge, and Vik is turned into a vampire by her voodoo curse. His only hope of surviving is to search for the seven powerful Sisters whose witchcraft can break the spell. But, they do not give of their powers willingly, and Vik has many trials to pass before he can bring their magic back to Mother Celie, and be cured.

Author Tamara A. Lowery is a phenomenal story teller. Her magical web entangles the reader, and pulls them into her pirate’s grasp. Her characters are vivid and real, making you like even the most horrible of the lot. What woman would not want to be held captive by Captain Viktor Brandewyne, the most notorious pirate who ever sailed the seas?

‘Blood Curse’ is book one in the Waves of Darkness Series. Like Viktor’s need for fresh blood, this fresh take on pirate/vampire lore is one that will keep readers craving more. Will he find the sisters in time? Read the series to find out. I know I certainly will
Lee-Ann Graff Vinson, Author of Love's Trust
Nancy by Charlotte Holley

‘Nancy’ is a true coming of age story that portrays the underlying issues of jealousy, fear and insecurity in the young adult.

Nancy was the girl to be admired. She was the pretty one. She always wore a kind smile for everyone she met. Hers was a life any girl would want, but when her classmate found a letter Nancy had written to her grandmother, the illusion of perfection collapsed. The letter told of the true difficulties in Nancy’s life. It revealed that what people saw on the outside was not what it seemed. Nancy also had her troubles in life.

The author reveals the impact that true friendship has on our lives. ‘Nancy’ is a story that indeed many young readers can identify with. It is a tale of exposing one’s personal issues to overcome the fear of being alone. One cannot receive without first giving, and ‘Nancy’ teaches us that happiness is possible, no matter the circumstance.
Lee-Ann Graff Vinson, Author of Love's Trust
Journey by Sarah Deckard

Journey by Sarah Deckard is a medieval fairy tale with a modern message. Princess Victoria is betrothed to her true love yet discontented, something she does not realise until her prince rejects her and so compels her to embark on a quest. She thinks she journeys to seek her lover, but she finds herself on a journey of self-discovery. If “every girl's a princess”, then every girl should read this story. This author has something important to teach her heroine, and she makes the lesson a pleasant one for the reader. Journey is a prettily written, magical tale for any woman who's ever questioned a “happily ever after” ending.
Lisa Farrell, Author of The Cursed
Journey by Sarah Deckard

Sarah’s handling of conversation and description is quite solid; her metaphors and similes, enjoyable. When her heroine meets her fairy guardian, the story takes on the feel of a fable and I think it works extremely well as a fable - very original and really quite clever. I wanted to see how the story would unfold after their meeting. And Sarah does not disappoint. The way she weaves the story and characters is very impressive. She maintains the feel of a fable right to the end. Her story was a really good, really fun, read.
Len Dawson, Author of The Devil's Alibi
Birds of a Feather by Leslie Soule

This story is three times clever. Perhaps more than three. The first inventiveness is the first person diary entries of the imaginative Valley Girl, Alexis, who twists history and writes her story to be presented as a class paper. The second cleverness is forsaking the Valley Girl persona and thoroughly restructuring real history to sound real her way. As an aside, it seems only right that bird identifications—falcon, kite, kestrel, sparrow and hawk—become the adopted surnames of the story’s heroes and heroines of the French Revolution, the birds of a feather of the story’s title. A third bit of cleverness is regressing twenty-first century artifacts, such as replacement batteries and pay-stubs, to the early nineteenth century, and making them seem right and proper for the times. This story is a fun fantasy but don’t utilize it as research material for your history test. Just read it for the pure enjoyment of the author’s nuances, the wonderful way she turns a phrase, and her unfettered imagination.
Jim Woods, Author of So You Want to be an Author?
Georgia's Smile

"Georgia's Smile" was a pleasant surprise to me. She has packed a lot into a well-paced, short romance. It could easily have been expanded to novella or full novel length. There are four characters, and each one is portrayed in such a way that makes the reader react distinctively to them. The heroine draws our sympathy. The hero draws cautious admiration. The friend IS the reader, in a way, acting as guardian and moral support for the heroine. And the villain is most definitely the villain, drawing some fear and much loathing.
 —Tamara Lowery, Author of Blood Curse
Sneaky Shenanigans by Violetta Antcliff

Patrick O’Malley was a man who needed the care and love of a good woman. Set out to capture the heart of the widow, Bridget Flynn, he finds himself the recipient of his own master plan of marriage.

Author Violetta Antcliff weaves a lovely tale of respectable courtship in the days of yore and the humanity of the times.

This is a story that will leave you with a warm heart and a smile as you recall a few of your own Sneaky Shenanigans.
 —Lee-Ann Graff Vinson, Author of Love's Trust
Callie's Fate by Lee-Ann Vinson

Lee-Ann Graff Vinson’s story is a mixture of anger, humor, vengeance and romance. The reader is taken from the deepest valleys of despair to soaring heights of happiness. Callie’s cheating husband, Donald is an unemployed plumber and throughout the story, plumbing terms are applied to things having nothing to do with plumbing.

Callie is a workaholic who, contrary to her dreams, has settled for a husband who is not tall dark and handsome. The couple are total opposites, and yet their marriage has lasted for fourteen years.

Callie returns from a business trip early to surprise her husband on their anniversary. She arrives early in the morning and observes a woman leave their house with a wrinkled skirt after having obviously been there keeping Donald entertained. Callie decides enough is enough. She drives away to a coffee shop in anger and hurt, her life and marriage in a shambles.

I nearly choked on my own coffee with laughter at Lee-Ann’s words when the Barista asks for her drink order. Callie invents a new one. The one bright spot in her life is in the form of a handsome Marine, but is he just a character in her steaming hot dreams?

Through Lee-Ann’s words you share Callie’s emotions of anger, frustration, vengeance and humor. I highly recommend it to readers.
G. E. Stills, Author of Forbidden Love
Love's Trust by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson

I’ve never read a contemporary military romance before, but “Love’s Trust” was a good way to start out. Strong plot and sizzling action.

This story wasn’t a typical romance. I’ve read a lot of romance stories, but this is one of those that genuinely surprised me. If you want something new; if you want a story with a compelling twist and an antagonist who’s just messed up, but still want the warmth of a happy ending and a budding romance, this is for you.

It was a genuinely good story, and like I said it was surprising. There are some rough patches, but this story shone where I least expected it. Pleasant surprises like that are always worth the time/money of a new book.
Julian Adorney, Author of Freedom
Love's Trust by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson

I really enjoyed this military-themed romance. Lee-Ann Vinson keeps the story crisp and clean. There are four main characters, Daphne the heroine, John the hero (in more than one way), Jenny the best friend/moral support, and Jekholf the villain. Love's Trust is more fleshed out than Georgia's Smile, also by Ms. Vinson. Mike, a secondary character with only a brief appearance, is still described in a way that makes him more than just a plot prop but a believable character. I will admit that the villain seems almost comically melodramatic at first, but the sad truth is that there are men like him out there in real life: narcissistic, power mad, delusional and just deranged enough to act on their delusions.

I am not as familiar with military culture as I once was, since I no longer live near any bases nor have close relaitives still in active duty. However, going by news articles I have seen in recent years and things I have heard from a former coworker who pulled two tours in Iraq, I believe Ms. Vinson has an excellent grasp of some of the troubles facing today's veterans and active military personnel, and she has worked them into this romance in a very believable and acceptable way.

Once again, I have to say MORE! This was great, but it could be easily expanded on to make it novella length.

Tamara Lowery, Author of Blood Curse
If It's Monday, It Must be Murder by Kathleen S. Allen

Mel is a cop without a job. She is also a woman who never says die.

After taking a bullet to the spine during an investigation, Mel can no longer work as a detective. When her best friend, Cindy, is told her daughter has jumped to her death from the Tower Building on her campus, Cindy and Mel suspect foul play. With the bullet from the shooter still lodged in her spine, Mel launches her own investigation that uncovers many unknown facets of young Jessie’s troubled life.

Along the way, Byron, Mel’s former partner on the force and love interest before the shooting, has come back into her life. When investigation bears out that Jessie’s death was indeed a homicide, Byron is the detective assigned to the case. Although no longer privy to police business, Mel proceeds on her own, managing to offend Cindy and her three other children in the process. She can’t walk more than three steps without the use of her cane, but Mel doesn’t give up her own search until it is almost too late—for her.

Author Kathleen S. Allen sets the tone for a delicious murder mystery indeed. Questionable characters keep the reader guessing until the very end. It is always a delight to read a whodunit when the murderer is not the character one would least suspect, but one no one would suspect. Kathleen weaves a tale of intrigue and catches her readers with their backs turned.

If It’s Monday, It Must Be Murder will bring out your inner detective and urge you to read on until the case is solved. A book definitely worth your time, and gray matter.
Lee-Ann Graff Vinson, Author of Love's Trust
Not Good Enough by G. E. Stills
Best friends, Trish and Sheila, set out to go on a cruise to Australia. The mission: to find Trish a man—not just any man—he needs to pass Sheila’s rewuirements of being rich and sexy. Before they board the ship, Sheila manages to disgruntle Jason, the man with the sensual, deep-blue eyes who happened to peak Trish’s interest. In Sheila’s eyes, her friend could do better.

A twist of fate intervenes. Trish gets a chance at redemption when an act of sabotage leaves her stranded with Jason on a deserted island. She learns Jason is just as beautiful on the inside as he is underneath his dress shirt, and much to Jason’s surprise, Trish is nothing like her loud-mouthed, vulgar friend. Love is born from months spent in each other’s arms.

Upon rescue, Trish learns Jason is the wealthy heir and partner in J. R. & Son, a very successful shipping company. Fearing she is now not good enough for him, she disappears out of his life. Jason is miserable when he finds there is no way to contact her. His true love is a woman who doesn’t want to be found. Will he ever find her, or has he lost Trish forever?

In ‘Not Good Enough’, Author G.E. Stills explores the sensuality of self with this romantic love story. The depth of his characters draws you in, making you feel each soul-searching kiss. If you like to read about love in all the right places, you need to read this book!
Lee-Ann Graff Vinson, Author of Love's Trust
Awareness by Rowan Shannigan
Awareness by Rowan Shannigan is a fantasy like no other. She weaves ghosts, elves, angels and demons effortlessly into her plot, while keeping the story real by having them all interact with Becca, the main character, who is desperately trying to get a handle on unseen realms she never imagined really existed. At the same time, she's trying to navigate her way through challenges that present themselves at high school, while dealing with the many romantic possibilities thrown at her.

A couple of shocking twists arise, one near the end of the story that is sure to take the reader by complete surprise, as it did me! "I was coming to accept this awareness not just as a gift, but as a responsibility," Becca says, at one point. Throughout all her strange experiences, she isn't certain she's up to the tasks at-hand, but with the help of some very intriguing characters—one quite hot, in fact--she gains confidence in her newfound "awareness" and we are left wanting to see where the next adventure will take her.

High marks to Rowan Shannigan for a novel that is both sexy and exciting on so many unseen levels!
Tracey L. Pacelli, Author of Time Warped
Awareness by Rowan Shannigan 
What if you woke up in a hospital after being in a car accident and you could see dead people? Not to mention other unworldly creatures like demons and angels, and what if you had an evil demon after you? And what if you are attracted to one of these creatures, who just happens to be an elf prince? Yeah, this is Becca's new life and she doesn't like it, not one bit.

This is a Young Adult novel written from the main character's viewpoint and we get to see her world through her eyes. She is a strong willed girl who is determined to make her life as normal as possible. It's a fun read about a girl who has to accept herself and come to terms with her life all the while preparing for her junior year in high school! I recommend it!

Kathleen S. Allen, Author of If It's Monday, it Must be Murder
Awareness by Rowan Shannigan

When sixteen-year-old Rebecca wakes up from a coma after a car accident, the scariest thing is not the fact that she’s been sleeping for over a week, but rather what and who she sees around her bed. A young boy walks into her room with everyone else unaware of him and starts talking to her. Is she mad, chosen for some strangely mystic task, or is she just dismally unlucky? First of all though, how can she silence the voices that won’t let her sleep? This Rebecca is a very convincing, down-to-earth, teenaged girl.

Author Rowan Shannigan creates a fine collection of believable characters, family and friends, plus a delightful ghost in Rebecca's new sidekick—old for his appearance, but maybe not for his years. The plot includes some surprising twists and turns with overlapping worlds of ghosts, angels and demons, and even elves. Okay, elves might seem odd, but well-drawn characters and good timing give a sense of reality to the mix, convincing the reader that further revelations will all make sense.

Rebecca’s love interests are nicely drawn too. Her school life and friends dovetail pleasingly into her new awareness, and a sense of responsibility to others gives a satisfying depth to the story. The first of a series, the novel ends with a scary set-up to volume 2, but still tells a complete and enjoyable story of its own, with characters you’ll want to revisit as soon as you can.
Sheila Deeth, Author of Refracted
Time Warped by Tracey L. Pacelli
Ever have a compulsion that's just too hard to ignore? Every step closer to doing what you know you shouldn’t do leads you closer to disaster, but you just can’t stop yourself. Lanie has just such a compulsion. A little one really; one she never thought would throw her entire world into chaos, but it does. One thing leads to another until a fatal car accident injures her and kills her adoptive mother. Next thing she knows, she’s in the hospital, under observation... because? Oh yeah, they think she’s NUTS! Or is she just being paranoid?

When she successfully manages to escape the hospital... now, THAT is when the real adventure starts! An elderly midget, a freaky insane asylum, and a secretive roommate are just a few of the things she encounters in the crazy roller coaster ride she’s been thrust into. And for the love of God, why is everything—from the furniture they sit on to the clothes they are forced to wear—straight out of the sixties?

This story snagged my attention immediately and quickly became one of those books I just couldn’t put down! It’s a mystery, a fantasy, a romance, an adventure and a drama all rolled into one. It’s a book I will definitely be reading again! If you’re looking for a story that pulls you in and takes you on an amazing journey—look no further! Here it
Rowan Shannigan, Author of Awareness
The Silver House by Janet French

There is a Power thrumming through the world author Janet French has created in The Silver House. It is a mystical, magical thing, and there are those who can use it; harness it. It is an important part of these people. It is who they are. It is what they are. Because of this Power, they are also in danger.

The Silver House begins in the middle of a battle. Some Mothers and Sisters, citizens who have been trained or are in training to use the Power, are trying to keep the children they are protecting calm and happy in the midst of all the chaos. Other Sisters are still searching the city at the beginning of the story, trying to gather the children and bring them to the safety of The Silver House. They must be kept safe from the Zashrans, a sect of men who are destroying the city and seeking to destroy the people who are able to harness and use the Power. And all of this is JUST the first chapter!

This is not a book for someone looking for a nice relaxing read to pass the time with. Oh, no! This story made me feel like I was running a race! My body was actually tired, as if I had been one of the poor children, running for my life with the help of the two women who were able to harness the Power in their fight to find a safe place for the survivors they had found. Yet, I’d put the story down, do something else, and inevitably find myself drawn back to it later, wanting more; needing more.

The storyline is excellent. Ms. French’s world and characters are real and believable. I feel it is an Epic adventure, worthy of being compared to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Parts of it are cruel and scary. There are moments in it where the reader will be completely worn out and ready to cry. It expertly sets the stage for the next book in the series and made me stomp my foot, wanting more when I finally made it through. Definitely worth five stars, and this reader is waiting with for the next in the series!
Rowan Shannigan, Author of Awareness
McCann’s Manor: Portal by Charlotte Holley

Liz and Kim are best friends. Gifted parapsychologists, they are often called upon by the police department to help in unsolved cases. While an invite to an old friend’s birthday party has Kim performing psychic readings for well-known celebrities, Liz is surprised to find a man truly in need of their help.

Screen legend John Carter still looks ravishing in his now early fifties, and is even more dashing in person, as Liz pleasantly ascertains. Kim and Liz agree to look at a home owned by a dear friend of his, which has been haunted since the death of its original owner, Ben McCann, in the late 1700’s. The house is unwelcoming by virtue of the strange occurrences and unfriendly spirits. The two women agree to move into McCann's Manor in an attempt to release the phantoms that walk the halls. Will they be able to find out the true reason behind the torment before another soul is taken by the Manor?

Author Charlotte Holley weaves a tangled web of deceit and heartache. This book is intricately written and will have you on the edge of your seat. She combines both the real and paranormal worlds perfectly, drawing you deeper into the unknown. If you love perplexing paranormal activity, you will definitely enjoy the complex design of characters that make up McCann’s Manor.
Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson, Author of Callie’s Fate
Love and Liberty by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson

This is a chick book, which a manly man such as myself would never read intentionally. Therefore all who read this review should understand it was purely and under mostly accidental circumstances, that this book mysteriously ended up in my stack of manly reading material. All who read this review should know that reading this genre of book was accidental, particularly if they are friends of my misspent youth.

Having clarified those facts, I will state for the record that I did read Love and Liberty by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson. I liked the plot, enjoyed the author's style of writing and (don't spread this around, please!) I also enjoyed the book. Now go buy your own copy, forget who told you it was worth your time to read and enjoy this good book for yourself.
—Doug Lucas, Former GSP Author
Wishes and Promises by Charlotte Holley

Have you ever loved someone so much that you thought that you couldn’t breathe if you didn’t see them again? What about the faith and love of a child, a love so strong and so filled with the innocence of youth that believes all things are possible? This story captures your heart and mirrors what we all see in our daily lives. There are wars being fought in far-off countries, where our young soldiers are putting their lives on the line every day... and the families who wait behind, sometimes fearing the worst.

A mixture of hope, and yet not daring, so that memories are frozen in time. Wishes and Promises are what we hold on to in the difficult times. This book makes you feel hopeful, like really good things can happen. It was a great read. If you’re looking for something to carry you through the Holidays and long after, this book is for you.

It’s timeless.
—JoAnne Pennick, GSP Customer
Through the Flames by Denise Bartlett

Through The Flames is a must read for fans of Denise Bartlett's work! In this sequel we find out what has been happening with the Allen family since the tragedy we saw take place in the end of "Into the Fire". Unfortunately for this close knit family, luck has not been on their side and everyone's faith is tested as they wonder just how much more one family can take. This book will open your eyes to the very real possibility of injuries that athletes face. It's entertaining and enlightening!
Sara Dean, author of Forgiving Jesse

Author Denise Bartlett really walks her main character, Larry Allen, through the figurative flames in this novel. A high school football star, Larry seems to have it all--adoring fans, a loving girlfriend, great prospects for a future in football. But he gets injured, and moreover, we find every other member of his family has problems that stretch the term dysfunctional. Still, Larry has faith and a lot of heart, and copes the best he can while setting a good example and enriching others' lives. Even his amazing strength of character won't be enough, though, when he discovers his own worst enemy is within himself. Mastering his burning inner problem will require help from others.

In the midst of the current national debate on the safety of football and concerns about the long term effects of repeated head injuries, this novel brings an important message that couldn't be more timely, and might even save lives. Obviously written from the heart, this story will reach in and touch yours. It's clear Denise Bartlett is subjecting her fictional character to all the classic concussion symptoms in hopes that fewer real people will endure them.

Read Through the Flames, and you'll share that hope too.
Steven R. Southard, author of the What Man Hath Wrought Series

Larry is a quarterback who works at being a strong person on a daily basis. He strives hard to be strong in his faith, easy-going, and forgiving. His faith, however, is about to be put to the ultimate test. It all begins with a football game. Or actually a tackle that puts him into a great deal of pain. Of course, he knows about the pain that goes with football. He’s been playing for a while now and working very hard to be good enough to make a name for himself which won’t be overshadowed by his father, who plays professional ball. He follows his coach and doctor’s orders as they examine, and lecture him time and time again on the warning signs of concussions and brain injuries.

But his own physical pain and recuperation are not all he has to worry about. He has two brothers—one older, one younger—each with his own issues. The boys have pretty much been on their own this year because Dad is gone for the season; and Mom... well, let’s just say Mom has her own issues too. Then his father suffers an injury that brings the entire family back together, which is good and not so good.

Larry tries to keep himself together and be the tower of strength everyone is used to him being. Only, one way or another, he keeps getting knocked down, both figuratively and in reality. One injury after another finally begins to take its toll, and soon Larry must accept that the one thing he always wanted to do with his life, may no longer be an option.

Through the Flames is not my normal reading material, but having a teenage son who likes to play football made me curious. Denise Bartlett weaves a tale that is not only entertaining and gripping, emotional and heart-wrenching, but also informative. America’s favorite pastime sport is not the only cause of these types of brain injuries, but many players suffer injuries just like Larry and his father’s every year.

Of course, there is no way to avoid these injuries completely, and no one is going to stop playing the game. Reading a book like this, and learning more about the warning signs, can be a good way to help avoid the danger by raising awareness. This book is a keeper.
Rowan Shannigan, Author of Awareness
Larry Allen is a high school football quarterback who follows in his famous dad’s footsteps, Robert Allen, a popular, maybe too popular, football pro. Life is not as perfect where the grass is greener and Larry’s family situation is way past dysfunctional, but through it all there is a thread of enduring love and faith. Larry is not even at the peak of his high school football pursuits when he is sidelined by a serious injury to his brain. Rather than take it easy and heal Larry sees all his hopes and dreams being threatened by TBI, traumatic brain injury, and becomes angry and frustrated, also symptoms of TBI.

You don’t need to know anything about TBI or football. The author, Denise Bartlett, expertly draws the reader into the world of high school football, to the point where you’re standing on the 50 yard line with the players in the field. But you also feel their pain, their hopes and their dreams for that elusive college scholarship, and the lure of a megabucks professional football career, and the grief when it becomes more important than family, health and love. As Larry’s injuries accumulate, his broken family pulls together for him, and as he recovers they mend old hurts and misunderstandings. If Larry Allen chooses to continue football instead of recovery it could cost him the very things he loves
Ruth J. (R. J.) Burroughs, Author of Myth of the Malthians
Zvonek 08 by Anne H. Petzer
Zvonek 08 is the most debonair spy in Europe and although he has only one suit, it is always dapper. He and his clandestine cat associates at Feline Intel have thrilling adventures in Prague and sometimes elsewhere, heading off evil-doers at the pass. This latest book is a thrilling addition to a delightful series celebrating the adventures of a remarkable feline special agent and his friends.
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Author of Spam Vs. the Vampire and many others

I have just finished reading this fascinating book. I found the stories entertaining and interesting. It is very well written with a mix of excitement and mystery. I found myself looking forward to Zvonek’s next adventure and the need to discover Metaxa and Clawdette’s secret. My favourite story in the book was Operation Catwalk, although they were all enjoyable. I find myself watching my cats just a little bit closer now wondering what their real mission is and if they are actually on some big adventure.

I recommend this book to all cat lovers, young and old, and believe it would make a lovely gift for a child who enjoys adventure.

                                                                                                            —Jennifer de Haas, GSP Friend
Childhood's Day by John B. Rosenman

This review is for: Childhood's Day (Kindle Edition)

A most intriguing story line which I did enjoy. A young man who has been troubled most of his life about the circumstances of his father's death finds a way to return to his childhood and unlock the reason he has been so tormented. I loved the story which was well written and believable.

—Karen Ingalls's Reviews, GSP Friend