Black and White Characters

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  1. BW Character Art 1--Danesta, Fredo, Eye of the Willows (ring), Danson
  2. BW Character Art 2--Hunter, Kilesha and the Atlantis Rock Band, Koeren, Korg
  3. BW Character Art 3--Qatenio, Ramah, Castle Metsawd and Rachael
  4. BW Character Art 4--Shield of Ram, Reina, Ramahses, Russet
  5. BW Character Art 5--Sophereth, Wynessa the Ancient, Willow, Tish the Yerta


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CLICK on any picture in the slide show for ordering information on the database.  TO ORDER from the database, click on "Print" or "Card" to order a print or a card (Coming Soon!).  For pricing and information about commissioning an original work of art, please email

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