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Most people think of ornaments as being for Christmas (most of mine are!), but I have ornaments, decorations, tags, small pendants, etc., listed in the ornament section for all kinds of holidays. Many are also suitable for earrings, etc. Click on any thumbnail below for more information on that pattern, including larger picture, price, description and add to cart buttons for each pattern.


Christmas Ornaments

Amethyst Birthstone Angel 3-D Fairy Ornament Fairy Fire Ornament Prayer Angel Sitting Pretty Angel Ornament Joyful Flower Angel Ornament Yule Banner Bearer Angel Little Blue Flying Angel Ornament Blue Ice Crystal Ornament Peetie Penguin Ornament Cobalt Starburst Ornament Gloriosa Star Comet Ornament Icy Fringed Spoke Yulefest Star Ornament Multi--Star Ornament Nested Star Ornament Flying Chickadee Ornament Cheery Chickadee OrnamentChipper Chickadee Ornament Three Christmas Chickadees Ornaments Baguette Ornament Beaded Doily Angel Ornament Crystal Palace Snowflake Ornament Noel Ornament Flower Wheel Ornament Harvest Angel OrnamentLittle Star Baby Angel Ornament/Earrings Mini Star Collection Four Holiday Angels Set 3-D Star Ornament Firebird Phoenix Ornament Renaissance Angel Ornament Winter Angel Ornament Victorian Angel Ornament Christmas Dove Ornament Pat E. Penguin Ornament Penelope Polar Bear Ornament Christmas Present Ornament Three Friends and a Present Ornaments Fiesta Angel Ornament Ice Angel Ornament Ice Drop Ornament Duchess Keepsake Ornament 3-D Crystal Bell Ornament Candy Stripe Crystal Cover Ornament Little Wreath Christmas Ornament Decorated Unicorn Ornament/Pendant Unicorn Ornament Pegasus Ornament Glowing Unicorn Ornament Fantastic Unicorn Ornament Tiny Dragon Ornament/Earrings/Small Pendant Dragon Ornament/Pendant Dragon Waltz Ornament/Pendant Fairy Princess Ornament The Dreamers Ornament Fairy Stars Ornament Christmas Lantern Ornament Christmas Icons Collection Christmas Icons II Wee the Zippy Zebra Helga the Happy Hippo Yin Yang Paw Commemorative 9/11 Angel Ornament Banner Bear Ornament Kanga-Roo Ornament Penny Penguin Sassy Seal Tiger Tabby Ornament Toucan Ornament Ally Gator Lotus Star Ornament/Pendant by Charlotte Holley

New Year Patterns

Pair of Party Penguins Celebration Icon Chilled and Ready Sands of Time Baby Hew Year

Spring Patterns

St. Paddy's Day Set St. Paddy's Day Sprite St. Paddy's Day Hat Easter Pals Collection Fancy Easter Bunny Big-Eyed Easter Bunny Easter Chick

Halloween Patterns

Pegleg Pappy's Pilaging Pack of Poltergeist Pirates Gertie Ghostie's Gleeful Gang of Ghouls Hootie Times Three Halloween Set Halloween Icons Halloween Icon 2 Collection Natty Batty Black Widow Spider
Pumpkin Cat Pumpkin Ghostie Tilly the Trick or Treat Cat

Thanksgiving Patterns

George Gobble Thanksgiving Turkey Ornament Pilgrim Jack and Jill The First Thanksgiving

Hanukkah Patterns
Meditation Star Menorah Hanukkah Ornament

Mother's Day, Father's Day and Graduates

Love You Mom Love You Mom II Classic Dad (Car) Dad and Grad Mementos Wise Grad Ornament

Patriotic Patterns

Patriotic Jack and Jill Patriotic Teddy Ornament
 Five Star Freedom Liberty Bell

Other Patterns

Lil' Eskimo by Charlotte Holley, Beaded Legends by Chalaedra Clownin' Around by Charlotte Holley, Beaded Legends by Chalaedra Hindi Jewel--Free March, 2011 Howdy Pardner Pattern for brick or peyote Pirate Boy Pattern for brick or peyote Karate Kid-O Little Fireman by Beaded Legends by Chalaedra Dad's Little Helper by Charlotte Holley Little Nurse by Charlotte Holley Schoolgirl by Charlotte Holley
Little Scotty by Charlotte Holley Andean Flutist by Charlotte Holley Love's Reflection by Charlotte Holley Creme Swirls by Charlotte Holley Bearly Spring by Charlotte Holley Springy Bunny by Charlotte Holley Diagonals by Charlotte Holley Passages by Charlotte Holley Baby Elephant by Charlotte Holley Shield by Charlotte Holley Meditation by Charlotte Holley Ballet Slipper by Charlotte Holley Topsy by Charlotte Holley Chevrons by Charlotte Holley Abstract Target by Charlotte Holley

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