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All the sets and alternate sets are here. For individual pieces see earrings, necklaces or bracelets, etc. Click on any thumbnail below for more information on that pattern, including a larger picture, price, description and add to cart buttons for each pattern.


Christmas Sets

Duchess Set Festival Set Lacy Bell Set Crystal Palace Set Night on the Town Set Blue Star Orb Christmas Set Enchanted Blush Snowflake Set Heirloom Set The Queen's Crystal and Baguette Set

Fantasy Sets

Adoration Set Angels (Bearing Gifts) Set Arab Set Butterfly Set Dragon Set Enchantment Set Erte Tribute Set Fairy God Mom Set Heh (Egyptian God of Chaos) Set Holley's Blue Set Midnight Meditation Set Midnight Meditation II Set Labradorite Set Jeanelle Set Gypsy Rose Set Fairy Dragon Set Fairy Dreams Set Bead Fairy Set Caribbean Vacation Set Filigree Full Set Filigree Set Filigree Bracelet and Earrings Set Filigree Necklace and Bracelet Set Exotica Full Set Exotica Set Exotica Bracelet and Earrings Set Exotica Necklace and Bracelet Set Somethin's Burnin' Set Night Moves Set

Flower Sets

Garden of Dreams Full Set Garden fof Dreams Set Garden of Dreams Bracelet and Earrings Set Garden of Dreams Necklace and Bracelet Set Variegated Trumpet Set Pastel Flax Set Springtime Set Bluebonnet Set Pretty Pansy Bracelet (or Choker) and Earrings Set Posy Set Posy Bracelet (Anklet or Choker) and Earrings Set Beaded Irish Rose Full Set Irish Rose Set Beaded Irish Rose Bracelet and Earrings Set Beaded Irish Rose Necklace and Bracelet Set Birds Eye Set Mexican Hat Set Coreopsis Set Summer Star Flower Set

Halloween Sets

Druid's Light Set Wizard and Kitten Set Batty Bob Set Raven Set Boo Diddy the Blue Eyed Wailing Ghostie and Three Sheets Set

Native Inspired Sets

Peyote Drops Set Moondove Set Totem Set Totem II Set

World and Traditions Sets

Caribbean Mist Full Set Caribbean Mist Set Caribbean Mist Bracelet and Earrings Collection Caribbean Mist Necklace and Bracelet Set Fuschia Flames Full Set Fuschia Flames Set Fuschia Flames Bracelet and Earrigns Set Fuschia Flames Necklace and Bracelet Set Honeydrop Set Acrobat Set Scarabi Set Celtic Knot Set Leopard Set Om Set Pagoda Set Tiger (Save the Tiger) Set Egyptian Lotus Set Around the World Set Visions of India Set Where the Heart Is Set Doubl Helix Bracelet and Earrings Set Lights in the Sky Bracelet and Earrings Set Mile a Minute Bracelet and Earrings Set Reversible Pearls and Swirls Bracelet and Earrings Set Blessing Circle Full Set Blessing Circle Necklace and Earrings Set Blessing Circle Bracelet and Earrings Set Blessing Circle Necklace and Bracelet Set Cosmic Sea Set Spiral Dance Set Eclipse Earrings and Bracelet/Choker Set Patern

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