2009 Simple and Quick Patterns (worcolcat)
2010 Simple and Quick Patterns (worcolcat)
2011 Simple and Quick Patterns (worcolcat)
2012 Simple and Quick Patterns (worcolcat)

3-D Crystal Bell Ornament (chrcat2)

3-D Fairy Ornament (chrcat1)

3-D Star Ornament (chrcat5)

Abstract Target (newcat7)

Acrobat Earrings (worcat1)

Acrobat Necklace (worcat1)

Acrobat Set (worcat1)

Adoration Earrings (fancat1)

Adoration Set (fancat1)

Ally Gator Ornament (newcat4)

Amethyst Birthstone Angel Ornament (chrcat1)

A New Twist Earrings (newcat5)
Andean Flutist Ornament, Charm or Earring (newcat6)

Angel Hands Earrings (fancat1)

Angels (Angels Bearing Gifts) Set (fancat1)

Angels Portfolio Collection (2007) (colcat1)

Arab  (Horse) Earrings (fancat1)

Arab (Horse) Set (fancat1)

Around the World Earrings (worcat5)

Around the World Set (worcat5)

Arrows Earrings (halnatcat1)

Art Deco a la Picasso Set (newcat4)

Aspirations Set Portfolio (2007) (colcat2)

Autumn Cube Earrings (worcolcat)

Baby Bootie Earrings or Charms (newcat5)
Baby Elephant (newcat7)
Baby New Year Earrings or Ornament (newcat2)

Baguette Ornament or Earrings (chrcat7)

Ballet Slipper (newcat7)
Ballooning Earrings (newcat3)
Banner Bear Ornament (newcat4)

Basic Slant Earrings (natcat1)

Batty Bob Earrings (flocat4)

Batty Bob Set (flocat4)

Bead Fairy Earrings (fancat4)

Bead Fairy Set (fancat4)

Beaded Doily Angel Ornament (chrcat7)

Beaded Feather Earrings (halnatcat1)

Beaded Irish Rose Earrings (flocat3)

Beaded Irish Rose Full Set (flocat3)

Beaded Irish Rose Necklace and Earrings Set (flocat3)

Beaded Irish Rose Necklace and Bracelet Set (flocat3)

Beaded Irish Rose Bracelet and Earrings Set (flocat3)

Beaded Irish Rose Necklace (flocat3)

Beaded Irish Rose Bracelet (flocat3)

Bearly Spring (newcat6)
Berries and Cream with Mint Earrings (newcat5)

Big Eyed Easter Bunny Ornament or Pendant (tracat2)

Bird’s Eyes Earrings (flocat3)

Bird’s Eyes Set (flocat3)

Black Widow Spider (newcat1)

Blessing Circle Bracelet and Earrings Set (worcat2)

Blessing Circle Bracelet (worcat2)

Blessing Circle Earrings (worcat2)

Blessing Circle Full Set (worcat2)

Blessing Circle Necklace and Earrings Set (worcat2)

Blessing Circle Necklace and Bracelet Set (worcat2)

Blessing Circle Necklace (worcat2)

Blue 3-D Star Earrings (natpatcat)

Blue Ice Crystal Ornament (chrcat1)

Blue Star Orb Set (newcat1)

Boo Diddy the Blue-Eyed Wailing Ghostie and Three Sheets in the Wind Halloween Set (halnatcat1)

Bracelets Only! (2007) (colcat1)

Bugle Circle Star Earrings (natpatcat)

Bugle Star Earrings (strtracat)

Butterfly Cab Set (fancat1)

Butterfly Earrings (fancat1)

Candy Stripe Ornament Cover (chrcat2)

Caribbean Mist Bracelet and Earrings Set (strtracat)

Caribbean Mist Bracelet (strtracat)

Caribbean Mist Earrings (strtracat)

Caribbean Mist Full Set (tracat1)

Caribbean Mist Necklace and Bracelet Set (strtracat)

Caribbean Mist Necklace and Earrings Set (tracat1)

Caribbean Mist Necklace (strtracat)

Caribbean Vacation Earrings (fancat4)

Caribbean Vacation Set (fancat4)

Celebration Icon (newcat2)

Celtic Knot Earrings (worcat4)

Celtic Knot II Earrings (worcat4)

Celtic Knot Set (worcat4)

Charlotte’s Web Earrings (valworcat)

Cheery Chickadee Ornament (chrcat7)

Chevrons (newcat7)
Chilled and Ready (newcat2)

Chipper Chickadee Ornament (chrcat7)

Christmas Chickadee Ornaments (chrcat7)

Christmas Dove Ornament (chrcat6)

Christmas Icons Collection (chrcat4)

Christmas Icons 2 Collection (chrcat4)
Christmas Lantern Ornament (newcat3)

Christmas Portfolio Collection (2007) (colcat1)

Chunky Heart Earrings (travalcat)

Circle Star Earrings (strtracat)

Classic Dad (newcat1)
Clear Blue Set (newcat4)
Clownin' Around (newcat5)

Cobalt Starburst Ornament (chrcat1)

Coreopsis Earrings (flocat4)

Coreopsis Set (flocat4)

Cosmic Orb Earrings (worcat5)

Cosmic Sea Bracelet (worcat2)

Cosmic Sea Earrings (worcat2)

Cosmic Sea Necklace (worcat3)

Cosmic Sea Necklace and Earrings Set (worcat3)

Cranberry Frost Earrings (newcat6)
Creme Swirls (newcat6)

Crown Jewel Earrings (worcat2)

Crown Jewel Variation Earrings (worcat2)

Crystal Palace Snow Bracelet (chrcat7)

Crystal Palace Snow Ornament (chrcat7)

Crystal Palace Snow Earrings (chrcat7)

Crystal Palace Snow Set (chrcat7)

Crystal Pendant (fancat1) COMING!

Cubed Heart Earrings (travalcat)

Dad 'n' Grad Mementos (newcat3)
Dad's Little Helper (newcat6)

Dainty Earrings (natpatcat)

Deck the Halls I Mini Collection (2007) (colcat1)

Deck the Halls II Mini Collection (2007) (colcat1)

Decorated Unicorn Ornament/Pendant (chrcat2)

Delica Daisy Necklace (newcat3)

Delica Flowers 1 (fancat5)

Delica Flowers 2 (fancat5)

Deluxe Christmas Collection 2008 (worcolcat)

Diagonals (newcat7)
Diamond Cascade Earrings or Pendant (newcat5)
Diamond Delight Earrings (newcat5)

Diamonds Earrings (natcat1)

Double Helix Bracelet (valworcat)

Double Helix Earrings (valworcat)

Double Helix Set (valworcat)

Double Herringbone Bezel (chrcat6) COMING!

Dragon (Dragon Logo) Set (fancat2)

Dragon (Dragon’s Eyes) Earrings (fancat1)

Dragon Ornament or Pendant (chrcat3)

Dragon Waltz (newcat3)

Dreidel Earrings (tracat2) 

Druid’s Light Earrings (flocat4)

Druid’s Light Set (flocat4)

Duchess Bracelet (chrcat2)

Duchess Earrings (chrcat2)

Duchess Keepsake Ornament (chrcat2)

Duchess Necklace (chrcat2)

Duchess Necklace and Earrings Set (chrcat2)

Dust Devil Earrings (newcat6)

Earring Reflections (2007) (colcat2)

Earrings of the World (2007) (colcat2)

Easter Chick Ornament or Pendant (tracat2)

Easter Pals Collection (newcat3)
Eclipse Earrings and Bracelet/Choker (newcat4)

Egyptian Lotus Earrings Variation 2 (worcat5)

Egyptian Lotus Earrings (worcat5)

Egyptian Lotus Set (worcat5)

Egyptian Lotus Variation Earrings (worcat5)

Eight Points (Star) Earrings (strtracat)

Elegant Simplicity Earrings (valworcat)

Enchanted Blush Snowflake Set (newcat3)

Enchantment Earrings (fancat2)

Enchantment Set (fancat2)

Erté Tribute Earrings (fancat2)

Erté Tribute Set (fancat2)

Exotica Bracelet (fancat4)

Exotica Earrings (fancat4)

Exotica Earrings and Bracelet (fancat4)

Exotica Full Set (fancat4)

Exotica Necklace (fancat4)

Exotica Necklace and Earrings Set (fancat4)

Exotica Necklace and Bracelet Set (fancat4)

Extra-Dimensional Star Earrings (strtracat)

Extreme Earrings (2007) (colcat2)

Fairy Dragon Earrings (fancat3)

Fairy Dragon Set (fancat3)

Fairy Dreams Earrings (fancat4)

Fairy Dreams Set (fancat3)

Fairy Fire Star Ornament (chrcat1)

Fairy God Mother Set (fancat2)

Fairy God Mother Earrings (fancat2)

Fairy Princess Ornament or Pendant (chrcat4)

Fairy Stars Ornament or Pendant (chrcat4)

Fancy Bunny Easter Ornament or Pendant (tracat2)

Fanfare Earrings (newcat6)

Fantasies Set Portfolio (2007) (colcat2)

Fantastic Unicorn Ornament or Pendant (chrcat3)

Fast and Showy (Big Bead) Bracelet (natpatcat)

Fast and Showy (Big Bead) Earrings (natpatcat)

Fast and Showy (Big Bead) Necklace (natpatcat)

Felicity Cab Earrings (worcolcat)

Festival Earrings (chrcat4)

Festival Necklace (chrcat4)

Festival Set (chrcat4)

Festive Shawl Earrings (natcat1)

Fiesta Angel Ornament (chrcat6)

Filigree Bracelet (fancat5)

Filigree Bracelet and Earring Set (fancat5)

Filigree Earrings (fancat5)

Filigree Full Set (fancat5)

Filigree Heart Earrings (valworcat)

Filigree Necklace (fancat5)

Filigree Necklace and Earrings Set (fancat5)

Firebird Phoenix Ornament (chrcat5)

First Noel Earrings (chrcat7)

Five Star Freedom (newcat1)
Flower Pinks Earrings (newcat3)

Flower Wheel Ornament or Earrings (chrcat5)

Flowers! (2008) (worcolcat)

Flying Chickadee Ornament (chrcat4)

Four Corner Swirl Earrings (natcat1)

Four Directions Earrings (natcat1)

Four Directions Variation Earrings (natcat1)

Four Flower Cluster Earrings (flocat2)

Four Holiday Angel Set (chrcat5)

Fringed Shawl Earrings (halnatcat1) 

Fuschia Flames Bracelet (tracat1)

Fuschia Flames Bracelet and Necklace Set (tracat1)

Fuschia Flames Bracelet and Earrings Set (tracat1)

Fuschia Flames Earrings (tracat1)

Fuschia Flames Earrings and Necklace Set (tracat1)

Fuschia Flames Full Set (tracat1)

Fuschia Flames Necklace (tracat1)

Garden of Dreams Necklace (flocat1)

Garden of Dreams Necklace and Bracelet Set (flocat1)

Garden of Dreams Necklace and Earring Set (flocat1)

Garden of Dreams Earrings (flocat1)

Garden of Dreams Bracelet and Earrings Set (flocat1)

Garden of Dreams Bracelet (fancat5)

Garden of Dreams Full Set (flocat1)

George Gobble Ornament (tracat2)

Gertie Ghostie’s Gleeful Gang of Ghouls (halnatcat1)

Gloriosa Star Comet Ornament (chrcat1)

Glowing Candles Earrings (a.k.a. Mosque Earrings) (worcat5)

Glowing Unicorn Ornament or Pendant (chrcat3)

Grape Smoothie Earrings (worcat4)

Gypsy Rose Earrings (fancat3)

Gypsy Rose Set (fancat3)

Halloween Howlings Collection 2008 (worcolcat)

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Icons (newcat1)
Halloween Icons 2 Collection (newcat1)
Hard Candy Christmas Earrings Mini Collection (newcat5)

Harvest Angel Ornament (chrcat5)

Hauntings Mini Collection (2007) (colcat1)

Heart Knot Earrings (travalcat)

Heart Link Earrings or Bracelet (valworcat)

(Hecate) Seven Point Dream Catcher Earrings (natpatcat)

Hearts Earrings (travalcat)

Heart Necklace (travalcat)

Heh (Egyptian God of Chaos) Set (fancat2)

Heh (Egyptian God of Chaos) Earrings (fancat2)

Heirloom Earrings (worcat3)

Heirloom Necklace (worcat3)

Heirloom Set (worcat3)

Helga the Happy Hippo Ornament (newcat2)
Hindi Jewel (newcat5)

Holley’s Blue (Holly Blue Lace) Set (fancat2)

Holley’s Blue (Holly Blue Lace) Earrings (fancat2)

Honey Drop Earrings (tracat2)

Honey Drop Set (tracat2)

Hootie Halloween Set (Hootie Times Three) (halnatcat1)

Horse Choker for Him (natpatcat)

Horsin' Around Earrings (newcat3)
Howdy Pardner (newcat5)

Ice Angel Ornament (chrcat6)

Ice Drop Ornament (chrcat2)

Icy Fringed Spoke Ornament (chrcat1)

Inner Hearts (Blue Heart) Earrings (travalcat)

Inner Light Earrings (tracat2)

Inspirations Set Portfolio (2007) (colcat2)

Jazz! (2007) (colcat2)

Jeanelle Earrings (fancat3)

Jeanelle Set (fancat3)

Joyful Flower Angel Ornament or Pendant (chrcat3)

Kanga-Roo Ornament (newcat4)
Karate Kid-O (newcat5)

Keyhole Earrings (worcolcat)

Labrador (Labradorite) Earrings (fancat3)

Labrador (Labradorite) Set (fancat3)

Lacy Bell Earrings (chrcat4)

Lacy Bell Necklace (chrcat4)

Lacy Bell Set (chrcat4)

Ladybug Earrings or Charms (newcat2)

Large Dream Catcher Earrings (natcat1)

Layers Earrings (newcat4)

Leaf Earrings (natpatcat)

Leopard Earrings (worcat4)

Leopard Set (worcat4)

Liberty Bell (newcat1)

Lightning Strikes Earrings (natcat1)

Lights in the Sky Bracelet (valworcat)

Lights in the Sky Set (worcat1)

Lights in the Sky Earrings (worcat1)

Lil' Eskimo (newcat5)

Little Blue Flying Angel Ornament or Pendant (chrcat3)

Little Fireman Ornament, Charm or Earring (newcat6)
Little Nurse Ornament, Charm or Earring (newcat6)
Little Scotty Ornament, Charm or Earrings (newcat6)

Little Star Angel Ornament (chrcat5)

Little Wreath Ornament (chrcat2)

Lotus Star Ornament/Pendant (newcat6)

Love Is Valentine Collection (2007) (colcat2)

Love the Red White and Blue Earrings (natpatcat)

Love's Reflection (newcat6)

Love’s Ups and Downs Bracelet (travalcat)

Love Mom (newcat1)
Love You Mom (newcat3)
Lucky Leprechaun (newcat2)

Mandala Earrings (natcat1)

Masquerade Ball Necklace and Earrings Set (newcat6)
Mauve Peony Earrings (newcat4)
Meditation (newcat7)

Meditation Star (tracat1)

Meditations Set Portfolio (2007) (colcat2)

Menorah Ornament (tracat2)

Mexican Hat Earrings (flocat4)

Mexican Hat Necklace (flocat4)

Mexican Hat Set (flocat4)

Midnight Meditation (I) Set (fancat3)

Midnight Meditation (I) Earrings (fancat2)

Midnight Meditation (II) Set (fancat3)

Midnight Meditation (II) Earrings (fancat3)

Mile a Minute Earrings (worcat1)

Mile a Minute Set (worcat1)

Mile a Minute Bracelet (worcat1)

Mini Chandelier Earrings (tracat2)

Mini Star Collection (chrcat5)

Monet Earrings 1 (newcat2)
Monet Earrings 2 (newcat2)

Moondove Set (natcat1)

Mr. Gecko and Ms. Fairy Earrings (newcat4)

Multi-Star Ornament (chrcat1)

Natty Batty Halloween Bat (newcat1)

Nested Star Ornament (chrcat1)

New York Angel (tracat1)

Night Moves Set (newcat5)

Night on the Town Earrings (chrcat5)

Night on the Town Bracelet (chrcat5)

Night on the Town Set (chrcat5)

Noel Ornament (chrcat7)

Oasis Earrings (newcat6)

Om Earrings (worcat4)

Om Set (worcat4)

On the Square Earrings (natpatcat)

Open Heart Earrings (travalcat)

Oriental Garden Butterfly Earrings (flocat2)

Oriental Knot Earrings (worcat5)

Oriental Temple Earrings (worcolcat)

Pagoda Earrings (worcat4)

Pagoda Set (worcat4)

Pair of Party Penguins (newcat3)
Passages (newcat7)

Pastel Flax Earrings (flocat2)

Pastel Flax Necklace (flocat2)

Pastel Flax Set (flocat2)

Pat E. Penguin Ornament (chrcat6)

Patriotic Jack and Jill (newcat3)
Patriotic Star/Flower Earrings (newcat3)
Patriotic Teddy (newcat1)
Pattern of the Month Collection for 2008 (worcolcat)
Pattern of the Month Collection for 2009 (worcolcat)
Pattern of the Month Collection for 2010 (worcolcat)
Pattern of the Month Collection for 2011 (worcolcat)

Paua Shell Charm Set (fancat1) COMING!

Peachy Earrings (newcat4)

Pearls and Swirls Bracelet (worcat1)

Pearls and Swirls Earrings (worcat1)

Pearls and Swirls Set (worcat1)

Peekaboo Hearts Earrings (travalcat)

Peetie Penguin Ornament (chrcat1)

Pegasus Ornament or Pendant (chrcat3)

Pegleg Pappy’s Pillaging Pack of Poltergeist Pirates (flocat4)

Penelope Polar Bear Ornament (chrcat6)

Penny Penguin (newcat4)

Pentagonal Star Earrings (strtracat)

Peyote Drop Earrings (halnatcat1)

Peyote Drop Necklace (halnatcat1)

Peyote Drop Set (halnatcat1)

Pilgrim Jack and Jill (newcat2)

Pink and Purple Ripple Earrings (worcat2)

Pink Heart Earrings (valworcat)

Pinwheel (Star) Earrings (strtracat)

Pirate Boy (newcat5)

Posies Bracelet or Choker (flocat3)

Posy Bracelet and Earrings Set (flocat3)

Posy Cabochon Set (flocat3)

Posy Earrings (flocat3)

Prayer Angel Ornament (chrcat1)

Present Ornament (chrcat6)

Pretty Hearts Earrings (newcat3)

Pretty Pansies Bracelet (flocat2)

Pretty Pansies Earrings (flocat2)

Pretty Pansies Set (flocat2)

Pumpkin Cat (newcat4)
Pumpkin Ghostie (newcat4)

Pumpkin H(alloween) Kitten Earrings (flocat4)

Purple Ditty Earrings (tracat2)

Purple J-Cab Ear (chrcat6) COMING!

Purple J-Cab Set (fancat1) COMING!

Queen’s Crystal and Baguette Earrings (worcat3)

Queen’s Crystal and Baguette Necklace or Bracelet (worcat3)

Queen’s Crystal and Baguette Set (worcat3)

Raven Feather Earrings (halnatcat1)

Raven Set (halnatcat1)

Red and Silver (Extended) Stars Earrings or Ornaments (strtracat)

Red and White Stars and Stripes Earrings (natpatcat)

Red Arrows Earrings (natcat1)

Red Heart Earrings (valworcat)

Renaissance Angel Ornament (chrcat6)

Renaissance Cross Necklace (tracat2)

Ribbons and Bows Earrings or Ornament (chrcat7)

Sands of Time Icon (newcat2)
Sassy Seal (newcat4)

Scarabi Earrings (worcat3)

Scarabi Set (worcat4)

Schoolgirl (newcat6)

Shawl Earrings (natpatcat)

Shield (newcat7)

Sideways Earrings (natcat1)

Simple Fun Bracelet (newcat3)

Simple Purple Cab Set (fancat5)

Simple Purple Earrings (fancat5)

Sitting Pretty Angel Ornament or Pendant (chrcat3)

Skirted Sword Earrings (worcat1)

Small Dream Catcher Earrings (natcat1)

Smorgas Earring Sampler 2 (2007) (colcat1)

Smorgas Earring Sampler 1 (2007) (colcat1)

Smorgas Earrings Sampler 3 (2008) (worcolcat)

Somethin's Burnin' (newcat3)

Speedy Bead Earrings (worcat5)

Spiral Dance Earrings (worcat3)

Spiral Dance Necklace (worcat3)

Spiral Dance Set (worcat3)

Springtime Earrings (flocat2)

Springtime Set (flocat2)

Spring Trellis Earrings or Pendant (newcat5)
Springy Bunny (newcat7)
St. Paddy's Collection (newcat3)

St. Paddy’s Day Sprite (travalcat)

St. Paddy’s Day Hat Earrings, Ornament or Small Pendant (travalcat)

Star of David Bracelet (tracat1)

Star of David Earrings (tracat2)

Star Spangled Heart Earrings (newct1)

“Starflake” Earrings (strtracat)

Starry Night Earring Portfolio (2007) (colcat2)

Summer Butterfly Earrings/Charm (newcat3)
Summer Star Flower Set (newcat4)

Tearose and Butterfly Panel (flocat4)

Texas Bluebonnet Earrings (flocat2)

Texas Bluebonnet Set (flocat2)

The Dreamers Ornament or Pendant (chrcat4)

The First Thanksgiving (newcat2)

Three Dimensional RWB (Red, White and Blue) Star Earrings (natpatcat)

Three Flower Cluster Earrings (flocat2)

Three Friends (and a Present) Ornament Set (chrcat6)

Three Sheets in the Wind Earrings or Charms (halnatcat1)

Tiger Earrings (worcat4)

Tiger Earrings (Tiger Eye Earrings) Two (worcat4)

Tiger Set (worcat4)

Tiger Tabby Ornament (newcat4)
Tilly the Trick or Treat Cat (newcat4)

Tiny Dragon Earrings or Ornament (chrcat2)

Tiny Twinkler Star Earrings (natpatcat)

Topsy (newcat7)

Totem One (natcat1)

Totem Two (natcat1)

Toucan Ornament (newcat4)

Trio of Earrings Collection (chrcat4)

True Heart Earrings (valworcat)

Turquoise “O” Earrings (tracat2)

Unicorn Ornament or Pendant (chrcat3)

Valentine Heart Bail Collection (travalcat)

Variations on a Theme Christmas Earrings (newcat3)

Variegated Trumpet Earrings (flocat1)

Variegated Trumpet Flower Set (flocat1)

Variegated Trumpet Necklace (flocat1)

Victorian Angel Ornament (chrcat6)

Visions of India Earrings (worcat5)

Visions of India Bracelet (worcat5)

Visions of India Set (worcat5)

Water Jugs Earrings (halnatcat1)

Where the Heart Is Set (travalcat)

Wide Fan Earrings (tracat1)

Winter Angel Ornament (chrcat6)

Wise Grad (newcat1)
With Her Boots On (newcat4)

Wizard and Kitten Set (flocat4)

WSC Earrings (Wedgewood, Sterling and Crystal) (worcolcat)

Yin Yang Earrings (worcolcat)

YinYang Paw Print Ornament (newcat2)

Yule Banner Angel Ornament or Pendant (chrcat3) 

Yulefest Star Ornament (chrcat1)

Zee the Zippy Zebra Ornament (newcat2)