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McCann's Manor: Portal - Book One 

McCann's Manor: Portal

Elizabeth Carr and her friend Kimberly Henson are psychically gifted and have worked together for years to help unfortunate souls find peace and go into the Light, a calling which has brought them much joy and adventure—and trouble and heartache.

When John Carter, internationally acclaimed screen actor, meets Liz and Kim at a party and tells them of McCann’s Manor, they accept the invitation to live at the Manor for a year to try to help its restless spirits.

They soon find themselves in the midst of a puzzle that could prove too much for even their honed paranormal skills. Nothing is what it seems. The doors Liz and Kim open may not be so easily closed, should they change their minds about the endeavor they have taken upon themselves, and a secret more sinister than they can imagine is waiting for them inside the passages of McCann’s two hundred-year-old Manor . . .





. . . Kim arrived as a corpse was being hauled outside in a body bag. Two men were maneuvering an ambulance gurney down the beautiful stone walkway. Pulling her car around to the parking area, she saw more police cars. What was going on? She was stricken—could something have happened to Liz? She watched all the people dressed in uniforms and street clothes going about their various jobs while none of them paid any attention to her at all.

What had happened? The weight of what she was seeing replaced her initial shock and she hurried to the entrance, but was denied access by one of the deputies, who stepped in front of her.

“I am sorry, ma’am, but you can’t go in there just now. We are here on official business.”

“The hell I can’t go in!” She spat at the deputy, leaning forward, trying to see who was inside. “I live here. Where is Liz?”

“Over here, Kim!” came a familiar voice from the hallway, right inside the door. “It is okay; she does live here.”

Kim walked to her friend’s side, took one look at her and added more questions to the barrage that were battling to be first from her mouth. “What happened to your head? Who did they take out in that horrible body bag?” Her best friend looked dazed and had a growing bruise on her forehead.

Liz reached up and touched her head, found the knot was quite large. “I am fine. I fell and hit my head. The body bag is Ben McCann—and Timothy.” She turned to go down the hall and into the library. “Come sit and talk to me.”

To Kim’s hearing, Liz sounded much too calm for the information she was conveying. “You are kidding!” she exclaimed. “I am gone for the afternoon and when I come back you have found McCann’s body? Where?” Kim, still shell-shocked, sat in one of the high-backed chairs by the windows, close to Liz and spoke in exasperation. “You scared the you-know-what out of me—I thought it was you in that body bag.”

Liz felt her friend’s dismay, but answered with a smart-ass barb, “How do you think I would have gotten into that kind of shape all by myself?” She squeezed her friend’s hand and sat back again . . . .


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