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Christmas Earrings

Crystal Palace Earrings Duchess Earrings Festival Earrings First Noel Earrings Lacy Bells Earrings Night on the Town Earrings Ribbons and Bows Christmas Kitten Earrings Variations on a Theme Christmas Earrings Hard Candy Christmas Earrings by Charlotte Holley

Fantasy Earrings

Adoration Earrings Angel Hands Earrings Arab Earrings Butterfly Earrings Dragon Eye Earrings Enchantment Earrings Erte Tribute Earrings Fairy Godmother Earrings Heh (God of Chaos) Earrings Holley's Blue Earrings Midnight Meditation I Earrings Midnight Meditation II Earrings Labradorite Earrings Jeanelle Earrings Gypsy Rose Earrings Fairy Dragon Earrings Fairy Dreams Earrings Bead Fairy Earrings Caribbean Vacation Earrings Exotica Earrings Filligree Earrings Simple Purple Bezel Earrings Layers of Sky and Sea Earrings Mr. Gecko and Ms Lizard Earrings Peachy Earrings Summer Butterfly Earrings/Charm Horsin' Around Earrings Flower Pink Earrings Ballooning Earrings Diamond Delight Earrings A New Twist Earrings


Halloween Earrings

Druid's Light Earrings Pumpkin H(alloween) Kitten Earrings Batty Bob Earrings Raven Feather Earrings Three Sheets in the Wind Earrings

Flower Earrings

Garden of Dreams Earrings Variegated Trumpet Flower Earrings Oriental Garden Butterfly Earrings Pastel Flax Earrings Pretty Pansy Earrings Springtime Earrings Four Flower Cluster Earrings Texas Bluebonnet Earrings Three Flower Cluster Earrings Posy Earrings Beaded Irish Rose Earrings Birds Eyes Earrings Mexican Hat Earrings Coreopsis Earrings Mauve Peony Earrings Spring Trellis Earrings or Pendant

Patriotic Earrings

Fast and Showy Earrings 3-D Red White and Blue Star Earrings Love the Red White and Blue Earrings Red and White Stars and Stripes Earrings Star Spangled Hearts Earrings Patriotic Star/Flower Earrings

Native Inspired Earrings

Beaded Feather Earrings Fancy Fringed Shawl Earrings Peyote Drop Earrings Arrows Earrings Water Jug Earrings Four Corner Swirl Earrings Mandala Earrings Diamonds Earrings Small Dream Catcher Earrings Large Dream Catcher Earrings Lightning Srtikes Earrings Red Arrow Earrings Sideways Earrings Four Directions Earrings Four Directions Variation Earrings Basic Slant Earrings Festive Shawl Earrings Shawl Earrings On the Square Earrings Leaf Earrings Dainty Earrings

Star Earrings

Blue 3-D Star Earrings Tiny Twinkler Earrings Seven Point (Hecate) Dream Catcher Earrings Bugle Circle Star Earrings Circle Star Earrings Extradimensional Star Earrings Eight Point Star Earrings Bugle Star Earrings Pinwheel Star Earrings Pentagonal Star Earrings Starflake Earrings Extended Star Earrings

World and Tradition Earrings (Includes Valentine Earrings)

Caribbean Mist Earrings Fuschia Flames Earrings Wide Fan Earrings Dreidel Earrings Honey Drop Earrings Inner Light Earrings Purple Ditty Earrings Mini Chandelier Earrings Star of David Earrings Turquoise O Earrings Heart Knot Earrings Heart Earrings Inner Heart (Blue Heart) Earrings Cubed Heart Earrings Chunky Heart Open Heart Earrings Peekaboo Hearts and Flowers Earrings Pink Heart Earrings Filigree Heart Earrings True Heart Earrings Red Heart Earrings Charlotte's Web Earrings Elegant Simplicity Earrings Double Helix Earrings Lights in the Sky Earrings Mile a Minute Earrings Pearls and Swirls Reversible Earrings Acrobat (Frog) Earrings Skirted Sword Earrings Pink and Purple Earrings Scarabi Earrings Celtic Knot Earrings Leopard Earrings Om Earrings Pagoda Earrings Tiger Eyes Earrings Tiger Eyes Earrings II Grape Smoothie Earrings Celtic Knot Earrings II Speedy Bead Earrings Glowing Candles (Mosque) Earrings Oriental Knot Earrings Egyptian Lotus Earrings Egyptian Lotus Variation Earrings Egyptian Lotus Earrings II Cosmic Orb Earrings Around the World (Speedy Bead Variation) Earrings Visions of India Earrings Keyhole Earrings Oriental Temple Earrings Wedgewood Sterling and Crystal Earrings Yin Yang Earrings Autumn Cube Earrings Felicity Cabochon Earrings  Trio of Earrings Collection Pretty Heart Paua Shell Earrings Variations on a Theme Christmas Earring Collection Heart Link Earrings Crown Jewel Earrings Crown Jewel Earrings Variation Blessing Circle Earrings Cosmic Sea Earrings Heirloom Earrings Spiral Dance Earrings The Queen's Crystal and Baguette Earrings Lucky Leprechaun Ladybug Earrings or Charms Monet Earrings 1 Monet Earrings 2 Party Penguins Earrings/Ornaments Baby New Year 2010 Earrings or Ornament In Her Boots Earrings Lil' Eskimo by Charlotte Holley, Beaded Legends by Chalaedra Clownin' Around by Charlotte Holley, Beaded Legends by Chalaedra Hindi Jewel--Free March, 2011 Howdy Pardner Pattern for brick or peyote Pirate Boy Pattern for brick or peyote Diamond Cascade Earrings or Pendant Baby Booties Earrings or Charms Berries and Cream with Mint Earrings Dust Devil by Charlotte Holley Oasis Earrings by Charlotte Holley Fanfare Earrings by Charlotte Holley Cranberry Frost Earrings by Charlotte Holley Karate Kid-O Little Fireman by Beaded Legends by Chalaedra Dad's Little Helper by Charlotte Holley Little Nurse by Charlotte Holley Schoolgirl by Charlotte Holley Little Scotty by Charlotte Holley Andean Flutist by Charlotte Holley

New and Coming!

Love's Reflection by Charlotte Holley Creme Swirls by Charlotte Holley Bearly SPring by Charlotte Holley Springy Bunny by Charlotte Holley Diagonals by Charlotte Holley Passages by Charlotte Holley Baby Elephant by Charlotte Holley Shield by Charlotte Holley Meditation by Charlotte Holley Ballet Slipper by Charlotte Holley Topsy by Charlotte Holley Chevrons by Charlotte Holley Abstract Target by Charlotte Holley



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