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Most of these necklaces are also available as part of a set pattern (or several partial sets), so if you are interested in the entire set or more components of a set than just the necklace check out the Sets Thumbnails! Click on any thumbnail below for more information on that pattern, including larger picture, price, description and add to cart buttons for each pattern.


Christmas Necklaces

Duchess Necklace  Lacy Bell Necklace  Festival Necklace

Fantasy and Flower Necklaces

Exotica Necklace Pattern  Filigree Necklace Pattern  Garden of Dreams Necklace Pattern  Variegated Trumpet Necklace  Pastel Flax Necklace  Beaded Irish Rose Necklace  Mexican Hat Necklace

World and Tradition Necklaces (includes Valentine Necklaces)

Fast and Showy Necklace Caribbean Mist Necklace  Fuschia Flames Necklace  Renaissance Cross Necklace  Horse Choker for Him  Acrobat Necklace  Blessing Circle Necklace  Cosmic Sea Necklace  Heirloom Necklace  Spiral Dance Necklace  Queen's Crystal and Baguette Necklace or Bracelet  Heart Necklace  Double Hearringbone Bezel Necklace  Peyote Drop Necklace  Bonus Birthday/Delica Daisy Necklace 


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