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   Celebration is in the Air!

Beaded Legends by Chalaedra celebrates its twenty-second anniversary this year!  From a fondness of jewelry and all things unique, Charlotte (aka Chalaedra) took her love of color and sparkling gems and combined them with her own flair for the distinctive to create a singular style and craftsmanship in the form of original designer jewelry and body ornaments.

We invite you to explore the vast treasure trove of designs and art you will find here at Beaded Legends and see for yourself the multi-faceted flights of fancy that have made Charlotte's designs a favorite of many over the years.

While you are here, don't forget to check out the Guest Galleries as well for more gems of the creative mind at their finest.  You will find a special sampling of styles and creative diversion within the pages of this site.  Make yourself at home, kick back and enjoy the delicate artistry!  Be sure to bookmark our site and check back often for new designs and art!

All designs are copyrighted 2007-2010 by Charlotte Holley, Beaded Legends by Chalaedra.  This includes all web graphics, original jewelry designs, original art and writing content.  All guest designs displayed on the guest pages are the copyrighted property of the designer who created them and are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.  For information about licensing or any other comments, questions or suggestions, please contact: chalaedra@beadedlegends.com.  Chalaedra her respective logos are trademarks of Beaded Legends by Chalaedra.