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Charlotte Holley, B.A., aka Chalaedra, lives near Austin, Texas, with her housemate and business partner, Denise (who helped design many of the early earrings) and their cats;  Sandi Phoenix, Izzy, Moxie, Timothy, Sebastian, Toby and Lakota!  They also have one dog; a nice friendly lug named Pirate. Widowed in 1976, Charlotte has a married daughter and two grandchildren.

Born November 7, 1950, Charlotte began beading in 1987 when her daughter brought home a single beaded earring a friend had given her.  Not being the type to wear a single earring, but determined there should be at least one thing her teenaged daughter owned that she (the mom!) actually could borrow from her daughter, Charlotte set out to learn how to make the mate to the earring.  She bought some  beads and quickly "figured out" the design, but it was almost a year before she could find any beads to match the earring.  In that length of time, she had created fifty original designs of her own, complete with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, head ornaments, rings and brooches (obsession, you say?).  Needless to say, the mate to that original earring never did get made, but she has had a wonderful time with her beads ever since.  And no, she never did return that borrowed earring, just as many of the things her daughter borrowed never got returned -- justice?  She has been designing quality beaded jewelry ever since.

Charlotte also enjoys crochet, drawing, painting, flower arranging, embroidery, cross stitch, writing and all kinds of other handcrafts, although she loves beadwork the best.  Among her other interests are travel, bird watching, music, movies, art, antiques, reading, parapsychology and her grandchildren.  In addition to more than 300 patterns and twenty-two pattern collections, Charlotte has authored and co-authored several full length novels, as well as numerous poems and short stories.


 All designs are copyrighted 2007-2010 by Charlotte Holley, Beaded Legends by Chalaedra.  This includes all web graphics, original jewelry designs, original art and writing content. All guest designs displayed on the guest pages are the copyrighted property of the designer who created them and are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.  For information about licensing or any other comments, questions or suggestions, please contact: chalaedra@beadedlegends.comChalaedra and her logos are trademarks of Beaded Legends by Chalaedra.



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