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Announcing Our Newest Titles!

New eBooks for 2015-2021!
Five Bedrooms and an Annex by Violetta Antcliff Eltava: A Sword for All Ages by Nyki Blatchley Cagalupo Redux by Joe Novara Remembering Sunny by Dawn Colclasure Psychopaths and UFOs by Violetta Antcliff Ruby Crab by Nathan Gemmell Vito's Tale by Joe Novara Pinata Belly by Joe Novara Across the Faebridge by Shiloh Darke Philip and the Boy Who Said, "Huh?" by John Paulits The Perfect Man by Violetta Antcliff The Prodigal by Violetta Antcliff The Lady in the Loch by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Dweller in the Crack by Nyki Blatchley A Shot in the Dark by Violetta Antcliff Star Dancer by Tom Olbert The Odd Claims of Lizzy Croft by Violetta Antcliff Kill Zone by Damir Salkovic American Pig Dogs by Joseph Hirsch The Goshmen by John Paulits The Rough Sleeper by Violetta Antcliff Return to Zoron The Victims of Innocence The Ascender The Left Hander Songs From the Seashell Archives Crossbreed versus Pedigree by Violetta Antcloff Scarborough Fair by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Song of Sorcery by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The Godmother by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough After 25,000 Masses by Joe Novara The Tangled Web by Violetta Antcliff The Adventures of Philip and Emery Volume One by John Paulits The Adventures of Philip and Emery Volume Two by John Paulits The Adventures of Philip and Emery Volume Three by John Paulits The Empty Houses bu John Paulits The Redundant Dragons by Elizabeht Ann Scarborough Ti, Au79 by S. R. Jaborsky A Silent Scream by Violetta Antcliff The Definitive Biography of St. Arborius of GLossopdaye by Mark P. Henderson The Hound in the Heather by C.J. Heckman Jason's Teen Years by Violetta Antcliff The Lazarus Trick by John B. Rosenman The Devil Comes in Many Guises by VIoletta Antcliff Cometh the Reaper by Mike Casto Broken Baubles and Nuclear Magic by M. L. John Timeless by Gustavo Bondoni I'm Here by Joe Novara The Haunting of Sally Judd by Violetta Antcliff Greybark and other Twisted Tales by Steven James Foreman Philip and the Mummy by John Paulots The Eyes of Death by Roland Hopkins Altruism Costs a Life by Roland Hhopkins Dark Illusion by Jay Seate Lot 13 by Violetta Antcliff Oasis by Sergey Gerasimov Imprint by Dawn Colclasure The Tarnished Oath by Chet Pleban Perjury by Proxy by Violetta Antcliff Henniker Secret by Steven P. Marini A Place Called Nowhere by Violetta Antcliff Fabulously Frugal by Dawn Colclasure Sunset Lion by Jan Cronjé Philip and the Dragon by John Paulits Twanged at Twilight by C.E. Zaniboni Four Pennies and a Journey by Violetta Antcliff Life's Little Wonders by Devon Teague Hybrid Space by Leslie Soule Paxton—Life Full Circle by Violetta Antcliff Ti, Hypershear by S. R. Jaborsky Burning the Midnight Oil by Dawn Colclasure A Vulnerable Woman by Violetta Antcliff Ti by S. R. Jaborsky After the Martians by Steven R. Southard Peppercorn Rent by Violetta Antcliff Ocean's Portal by Shiloh Darke The Trip to Tpwn by Duane Lancaster Liminal Key by Ruth J. Burroughs Philip and the Miserable Christmas by John Paulits Faded Reflection by Dawn Colclasure Kameeta's Pleasure by Shiloh Darke Rescue from Zoron by John Paulits Sadistic Pattern by Michael J. Molloy Schmuel's Journey by Steven P. Marini Zvonek 08, Book 5 by Anne H. Prtzer Paranoia by Violetta Antcliff Broken Things and Angel Feathers by M. G. Davis Planet Zoron by John Paulits Adonis by Violetta Antcliff The Babel Walker by Ben Larken Dentistry—For Better or for Worse by Charles Reap Out of a Dentist's Mouth by Charles Reap Ripper's Ring by Steven R. Southard Emmaline Gremlin by John Paulits Iced at Midnight by C. E. Zaniboni The Witch Made Me Do It by Edward Ahern The Dragon, the Witch, and the Railroad by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough