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Announcing Our Newest Titles!

New eBooks for 2015-18!

The Haunting of Sally Judd by Violetta Antcliff Greybark and other Twisted Tales by Steven James Foreman Philip and the Mummy by John Paulots The Eyes of Death by Roland Hopkins Altruism Costs a Life by Roland Hhopkins Dark Illusion by Jay Seate Lot 13 by Violetta Antcliff Oasis by Sergey Gerasimov Imprint by Dawn Colclasure The Tarnished Oath by Chet Pleban Perjury by Proxy by Violetta Antcliff Henniker Secret by Steven P. Marini A Place Called Nowhere by Violetta Antcliff Fabulously Frugal by Dawn Colclasure Sunset Lion by Jan Cronjé Philip and the Dragon by John Paulits Twanged at Twilight by C.E. Zaniboni Cops and Stalkers by R. J. Beam Four Pennies and a Journey by Violetta Antcliff Life's Little Wonders by Devon Teague Hybrid Space by Leslie Soule Paxton—Life Full Circle by Violetta Antcliff Ti, Hypershear by S. R. Jaborsky Burning the Midnightr Oil Revisited by Dawn Colclasure A Vulnerable Woman by Violetta Antcliff Ti by S. R. Jaborsky After the Martians by Steven R. Southard Peppercorn Rent by Violetta Antcliff Ocean's Portal by Shiloh Darke The Trip to Tpwn by Duane Lancaster Liminal Key by Ruth J. Burroughs Philip and the Miserable Christmas by John Paulits Faded Reflection by Dawn Colclasure Kameeta's Pleasure by Shiloh Darke Rescue from Zoron by John Paulits Sadistic Pattern by Michael J. Molloy Schmuel's Journey by Steven P. Marini Zvonek 08, Book 5 by Anne H. Prtzer Fire Cop by R. J. Beam Paranoia by Violetta Antcliff Broken Things and Angel Feathers by M. G. Davis Planet Zoron by John Paulits Adonis by Violetta Antcliff The Babel Walker by Ben Larken Dentistry—For Better or for Worse by Charles Reap Out of a Dentist's Mouth by Charles Reap Ripper's Ring by Steven R. Southard Emmaline Gremlin by John Paulits Hemophage by Stephen M. DeBock Iced at Midnight by C. E. Zaniboni The Witch Made Me Do It by Edward Ahern The Dragon, the Witch, and the Railroad by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

New eBooks for 2014!

Fortunes Told by Julie Stahl Hidden Motives by Katalin Nagy Time's Deformèd Hand by Steven R. Southard An Improbable Dream by Violetta Antcliff Annie Oakey and the Beast of Chicago by Mike Casto Conviction of Innocence by Chet Pleban A Ghost of Every Corner by Dawn Colclasure The Cometeers by Steven R. Southard Marissa's Surprise A Fragile Ghost by Violetta Antcliff Jack CLuewitt and the Imbrium Mirders by Ruth J. Burroughs Do Over by G. E. Stills Exit Us by Ben Larken To Be First/Wheels of Heaven by Steven R. Southard Circle of Magic by Chavdar Gradinarsky Pillar's Fall; The Pillar Saga, Book I by Ben Larken Calculations by Steven P. Marini My Journey by Jim Woods Philip and the Sneaky Trashmen by John Paulits The Ghost Group 2 by Dawn Colclasure Metamorph by Stephen M. DeBock First Blood/Breaking the Gladss Slipper by Sarah Deckard Jason Turns Detective by Violetta Antcliff The Revenge of the Critches by John Paulits The Wrath of Leah by G. E. Stills Parenting Pauses by Dawnn Colclasure Rallying Cry by Steven R. Southard The Journey Home by Joel Plue The Outlander by Jim Woods The Will and the Way by Hendrik van Oordt The Golden Mushroom by John Paulits The Storm Prince by M. L. John Whispers From the Past: Vendetta by Charlotte Holley

New eBooks for 2013!

Memoirs of a Jobseeker by Ivano Massari  The Testament of Charlie Fairweather by Stephen M. DeBock  A Man Named Klaus by Violetta Antcliff  Tesla's Completion by Shiloh Darke  Shadow of Samhain by Dawn Colclasure  Pit-Stop (Special Edition) by Ben Larken  Kill My Husband by Stanley Bruce Carter  The Art of Aggravation by Andrew Olinde, Jr.  Oxwagon by Jim Woods  Aberration by Steven P.Marini  Sensations by Rowan Shannigan  The Ghost Group by Dawn Colclasure  The Haunting of Pandora Fox by Violetta Antcliff  The Hollows Part Two by Ben Larken  Thinkbot by Ruth J. Burroughs  The Diamond Man by Michael J. Molloy  A Tale More True by Steven R. Southard  Sixes and Eights by Jamel DuBois  The Hollows (1) by Ben Larken  Shifty by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Phiip and the Loser by John Paulits  How to be Almost Famous in Ten Days by Kathleen S. Allen  Catamount by Stephen M. DeBock  Zvonek 08.3 by Anne H. Petzer  The Extortions of Stiffani Voydalle by Stanley Bruce Carter 

New eBooks for 2012!
Through the Flames by Denise Bartlett  If It's Tuesday It Must be Trouble by Kathleen S. Allen  A Steampunk Carol by Steven R. Southard  Edith's Journey by Peter Simon  Lucy's Dreams by Manon Daniels  Philip and the Fortune Teller by John Paulits  Sparrow's Release by Shiloh Darke  The Carol Singers by Violetta Antcliff  The Perfect Christmas by Dawn Colclasure  The Six Hundred Dollar Man by Steven R. Southard  Toys Lights and Trinkets by Jim Woods  Xmas Wishes by Lindsey Duncan  Brambles and Thorns by Lisa Farrell  Christmas Dance by Rowan Shannigan  Holly and Ivy by Lisa Farrell  Myth of the Malthians by R. J. Burroughs  Shandy's Gift by Sara Dean  The Miracle of the Carp by Anne H. Petzer  Halloween Candy and A Christmas Tree by Sara Dean  On the Wings of Pink Angels by Dawn Colclasure  Jason Spells it Out by Violetta Antcliff  Wishes and Promises by Charlotte Holley  The Tour Bus of Doom (Spam and the Zombie Apocalyps-o) by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  The Haunted Spring by Anthony Diesso  Snow Cat by Anne H. Petzer  The Birth of Races by Katalin Nagy  The Caskian Scandal by Stanley Bruce Carter  The Green Man's Curse by R. M. Brandon  Against All Gods by Steven R. Southard  Matchmaker by Lady Deidre  The Sainthood Ghost by Lady Deidre  Connections by Steven P. Marini  Irish Mouse Tails by Violetta Antcliff  Philip and the Girl Who Couldn't Lose by John Paulits  The Cat Lottery by John Des Fosses  Father Christmas by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Taking Up the Runes by P. J. Caiden  Sapphire by Violetta Antcliff  The Anvil Ghosts by Violetta Antcliff  The Heart and the Crown by Stephen M. DeBock  Lucky Break by Stephen M. DeBock  Philip and the Thief by John Paulits  Destiny by Charles Reap  The Witch and the Squirrels by G. E. Stills  Women with Weapons by Jim Woods  A Cross to Bare by Stephen M. DeBock  His Father's Son by Violetta Antcliff  Jacob and the Gnome by Joel Plue  Love and Liberty by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson  Philip and the Deadly Curse by John Paulits 

New eBooks for 2011!
Philip and the Monsters by John Paulits  Zvonek 08, Book 2 by Anne H. Petzer  The Bridge Between Worlds by Stephen M. DeBock  The Haunting of Bramble Briar by Violetta Antcliff  Worlds Divide by Leslie Soule  Not Good Enough by G. E. Stills  9 Tales O' Cats by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Hits and Misses byJames Woods  It It's Monday, It Must be Murder by Kathleen Allen  Time Warped by Tracey Pacelli  Jason Sinks to a New Low by Violetta Antcliff  Leonardo's Lion by Steven R. Southard  Philip and the Haunted House by John Paulits  Morgen by Stephen M. DeBock  Callie's Fate by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson  Spam Vs. the Vampire by K. B. Dundee as told to Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Awareness by Meridian Mychaels  The Silver House by Janet French  Allison's Deception by Shiloh Darke  From Midnight Until Dawn by P. J. Caiden  Guns Over Africa by Jamel DuBois  Magic and Mayhem by Violetta Antcliff  The Mystery of Whale House by Hendrik van Oordt  Zvonek 08 (Volume 1) by Anne H. Petzer  So You Want to be an Author? by Jim Woods  The Form of Eternity by Shiloh Darke  The Depraved Dances of Taram Zhod by Stanley Bruce Carter  Philip and the Angel by John Paulits  The Yellow Rose by Dawn Colclasure  Birds of a Feather by Leslie Soule  Alexander's Odyssey by Steven R. Southard  Nothing Sacred by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 
  Last Refuge by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Channeling Cleopatra by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Cleopatra 7.2 by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Jason and the Friendly Ghost by Violetta Antcliff   

New eBooks in 2010!
Entity's Promise by Shiloh Darke  The Haunting of Wisteria Cottage by Violetta Antcliff  Journey to Absentia by Samuel R. George  Tales of Swords and Sorcery by Teel James Glenn  Only Something in me Understands by Steve Olley  Petchy Maligula by Stan Carter  Philip and the Superstition Kid by John Paulits  Sneaky Shenanigans by Violetta Antcliff  The Tree Line by Andrew J. Olinde, Jr.  The Wind Sphere Ship by Steven R. Southard  A Thirst for War by Raymond Gustavson  Into the Fire by Denise Bartlett  The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  The Goldcamp Vampire by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  The Harem of Aman Akbar by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  The Lady in the Loch by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  The Unicorn Creed by ELizabeth Ann Scarborough  Bronwyn's Bane by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Jason and the Corner Shop Mystery by Violetta Antcliff  Journey by Sarah Deckard  Taming the Weald by Lindsey Duncan  Umbral Visions by Garrett Calcaterra  The Christening Quest by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Phantom Banjo by Eliabeth Ann Scarborough  Picking the Ballad's Bones by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Strum Again? by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Songs of the Dead by Dawn Colclasure 
The Godmother's Apprentice by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  The Godmother's Web by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  Murder Gras by Jamel DuBois  Paradigms by Chris McKenna  Forgiving Jesse by Sara Dean  Lady of the Veils by M. L. John  Love's Trust by Le-Ann Graff Vinson