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Welcome to my updated and (hopefully) easier to use and understand website. Many of you have commented that the site was confusing and hard to use, and I have paid attention, though I have to admit it took me a while to figure out a way I THINK will make it easier for you to navigate. I've been designing beaded pieces for almost 23 years, so it's not surprising that I have accumulated a lot of possible patterns in that length of time. In fact, I have around 400 single patterns and design collections live on the site now. Is it any wonder that many possibilities can be confusing?

In an attempt to streamline the site, I added 8 brand new pages of nothing but thumbnails, and I eliminated 25 pages of categorized pages. I hope that will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Here's the idea: From the Welcome Page, you will be able to click on any of the thumbnails in eight categories to get to the thumbnail pages. Clicking on any thumbnail on that page will take you to the description of that item . . . larger picture, price, pattern description, beads needed and add to cart buttons are all there in the description.  It goes like this: Say you are only interested in Earrings. You would click on the Earrings Thumbnail on the Welcome Page to go to the thumbnail page. The Earring Thumbnail Page has over 150 thumbnails of earrings, but they are ALL there! Look through the pictures and click on the earrings you are interested in . . . let's say you want to look at the Pretty Pansy Earrings in the Flower Earrings Section. Click on that thumbnail and it will take you to the description of that pattern where you can learn all about the pattern and click on the add to cart button to order it.

After you add it to your cart, you can click on the continue shopping button in the cart to go back to browsing . . . OR you can add your discount code, if any, and check out. Don't forget if you know the name of the pattern you are looking for, you can also look it up in the Alphabetical List of All Patterns, click on the NAME of the pattern you want and go directly to its description.

That's it! To visit any of the other pages, use the buttons along the left side  or the links at the top of the Welcome Page to get there. NOTE: from the pattern description pages, you will need to click on your browser's "Back" button to return to the last page you were on. I hope this helps and that you will find your browsing experience at Beaded Legends more enjoyable and much less frustrating. Drop me a line to let me know how it goes. You may find the thumbnail pages take a while to load because some of them have so many thumbnails on them, but I can't do much about that without adding more and more pages again and making it more confusing again. We can't have everything!

Happy beading, and happy browsing to you!


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